Sunday, July 12, 2020

Can You Trust Auto Insurance

Seattle (ESTRA) - Can you trust Auto Insurance Companies? Have you received promised COVID-19 Discounts? Has your insurer kept other promises? Can you trust them to pay underinsured motorist claim? What about paying a standard policy claim? Are Policyholders or Investors their top priority? How about just being fair and honest with insured?  

When you add all things up, how have you been treated? Bottom line how would you rate the Auto Insurance Industry as a whole?  They know most of their policyholders don’t have enough resources to take on their billions. Yet we as a group can take them on, albeit watch out for deviant tricks. 

We can choose to boycott those companies more interested in self serving actions and nonpayments of their policyholders.  

Ask yourself these three questions:  1) When filing an insurance claim, was your insurer interested in what happened or how not to pay your claim?  2)  Did you receive prompt PIP (personal injury plan) checks or were they delayed? Did you feel supported by your insurer or harmed? 

More negative vibes than positive ones? You’ve got your answer. Remember you are not alone in this process. Keep reading and learning about what can be right here on Want to share on Talking About You With ESTRA Podcast? wants to know.

All Auto Insurance Companies are not created equal. Especially those who practice harassment and intimidation. Regardless, keep fighting. We are in this together as insurance policyholders. 

- ESTRA Seattle 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

When USA Decides To End Racism

Freedom and justice is for everyone. 

ESTRA (Seattle) - Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Racial Inequality, Institutional Biases, and differences made due to Skin Color. Why would racism continue? Who benefits from biases? Racism equals oppression. This is a main method to disenfranchise races of people, while promoting privileged to a few.  

For generations people of color have tolerated injustice in the fabric of our society. Attempts for change have continued, yet the powers that be refuse to relinquish tactics which keep money and power in their back pockets.  

Black Lives Matter in the last seven years shed a bright light on what Black Americans live daily and why its unfair and unequal to White Americans way of life.  Yet, many White Americans have found themselves in the same plight as many People of Color, and now easily see the impact of disparities.  And, quite frankly, being on the opposite end of the spectrum brings it home, recognizing the hurt and harm which comes from mistreatment. For four hundred years, Black People have tried to free themselves from the bonds of societal biases and live with dignity and respect, but its been hard coming. 

George Floyd tragic death is another example caught on camera which brought this injustice into the homes of people all over the world. The good news is Generation Z and Millennials are willing to stand up for a more just and fair world.  Seeing youth of this country refusing prejudices means there is hope that some day all people will be view equal and treated this way.  

How so? Financial Institutions will no longer charge Black People higher interest rate based on skin tone or zip code. Mortgages cost will be equal, making wealth accumulation for Black People equal to whites, and being able to choose your neighborhood by personal preferences versus Redlining by Real Estate Companies and Banks.  

This also means having Grocery Stores in Black Neighborhood that sell quality produce and meats at same prices in White Neighborhoods. Police deal with their personal of issues as seeing Black People as threats, therefore, making young Black People equal to the numbers of White Youth with problems with Law Enforcement. We must address Police pulling over new young Black Drivers and traumatizing them, just because of their power. 

Frankly, Institutional Biases in the work place is at the root of this problem. Why are most people of color at the bottom of pay grades in most Private Companies? I were assert biases.  Yes, this problem also begins in the homes, Churches on Sundays at 11 am. Racism is introduced and surrounds most of our activities.  When this script if flipped or our friends and families face these biases, we begin to realize how unfair these actions can be toward anyone facing them. Today generations do have friends of different race, creeds, and colors, or orientations.  Therefore, a greater understanding of cultures and respect emerge. 

Insurance Companies, going back to Black Wall Street in 1865, refused to pay out Insurance Claims when white folks burned down the entire town. Insurance Companies are still doing the same thing today.  Biases and abuses in this country continues.  Moving people of color out of areas lived for years, only to move white people in by raising prices making rents unaffordable by people of color, is unacceptable, yet this action is happening all over the country.

Black Activist face harassment and intimidation for bringing this information to light.  However, it's important to share this behavior.  Personally, I believe most people want what is fair and just.  Greed is a motivating factor for those who disregard humanity. 

Educations that is equal for all children, so that all have a fair chance to achieve their dreams is a must.  Privilege Cheating is no longer acceptable for a few.  If you make it, you must go through regular channels, and Black Children must be included in this process, with real educational opportunities.  Second rate educations for Black Children must end.  We must begin placing individuals in political office who care equally for us all.

Today we can see how oppressive and bullying tactics come in to play in the November 2020 Elections. Reductions in voting locations, removal of legitimate People of Color off voting roll, and false information on dates and times to vote is one example of how the powers continue their attempts to control the country.

Fortunately, the internet helps share truth about bad behaviors.  The actions of elected officials who participate in self-interest and work against those citizens in their district, will hopefully face wrath of their citizens.  Suffering has become intense.  COVID19 made this situation worse by loss of livelihood to loss of life.  

When does USA decide to end racism? When we understand the suffering it brings to us as a country, and it cheats individuals to able to take satisfaction in personal achievements, when made by privileged or oppression.  We need as a country that respects every citizen. This is the only way to move us forward and stop perpetuating harmful, hurtful, biases by those whose interest in self preservation at the expense of everyone else. We must take on Wall Street until Main Street access is equal. 

Most people are unaware of the harassment and intimidation #BlackActivist face on a daily basis. Police access to financial, internet, surveillance, cyberbullying, access to public and private businesses attempt to get block information and actions of those choosing to share inappropriate behaviors.  Often they work with government, insurance, and Wall Street Companies.  Continue fighting against their actions, it's time to expose actions.  Why they are doing this? Your topic is important.  

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Broken Trust

ESTRA (Seattle) - In recent years, trust in government is  broke, lost hope and faith in their ability to lead the country and it's people, places us in vulnerable positions.  Why? Broken Trust means safety is violated and suspicions run as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

When belief and bonds in someone or something no longer holds, a new perspective springs up with a vision of reality which looks quite different. Optimism and happy outcomes become outliers while disbelief and disappointment prevail.  Life disruption disseminating pain and lack of understanding fill hearts and minds, leaving a country with less to hope and dream. When those who are support be professionals turn out to anything but, you have a decision to make how to handle the situation. You can choose to put your best interest first, which, I personally suggest. Or, become someone they want you to be, which is rarely a place of upstanding character. Toss their behavior up to their personal issues and let life take them on a derogatory path.  Life's direction is not necessarily where one would like to be, as dealing with a car accident, disability surveillance, insurer harassment, and intimidation.  

The lesson along the way will give you a skill set you never would image gained. Take what the world gives you, plant them and make lemons, and squeeze them into something sweet that will transforms life more valuable than could have been designed or imagined.

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Liars Versus Truth Tellers

ESTRA (Seattle) - Are you tired of hearing lie after lie? Truth stretched so far out it's unrecognizable?

Anxiety created by ascertaining truth from fiction? Has the heart and soul of Americans been compromised?  Has deceit and deceptive practices gained traction in our minds and lead us down the path of destruction as a society? A sign of the times is creating an exodus of being our brothers and sisters keepers?

Homelessness, joblessness, hunger, car accidents, personal injury, disability, disease (COVID19), financial problems, insurance claims,  family concerns can  become overwhelming and discouraging.  How we choose to react when trouble comes our way is often a defining moment.  Look for opportunities to learn ways of gaining understanding and knowledge about aspects dealing with concerns. Break things down so they are simple to see. Solutions are found by honestly assessing situations and determining what is the best alternative. Extending support to others in need also aids in learning about ourselves and ways to support our communities where our gifts and talents shine.

Lying and sociopathic behavior seems to go hand in hand in society today. Add bullying to this equation and most people recognized these patterns on a regular basis. Do you become confused when dealing with this type of behavior? If you are use to looking at truth and recognizing it, normally liars tend to be a throwback since their first choice is to inaccurately state or reflect a situation.

In the case of  United States Senate Republicans knowing the truth and often settle for ignorance or lies, or call it being fearful of possible outcomes. The heart and courage of Americans still mostly stands on honesty, integrity, and truth. If one does not respect self enough to be honest, how can we lift up each other?

When did lying surpass being truthful? Has "American Pride" turned us into people who cannot admit honest mistakes? If this has occurred, life can become stagnant until we once again face who we are and what we've become:  someone we do not recognize.

People and Companies willing to say or do anything will have to pay the consequences for their actions. Personally, I believe karma in the universe keeps tabs.  And often what you put out there comes back at the worst times.  Right now with COVID19 clogging up our universe, we need nothing more getting in our way.  It's time to put positivity in the world to give us all something to reach for as a shinning light with lots of love.

Liars do nothing to improve our situations, only false hopes, false dreams, and a broken hearts.  The truth may not always something one wants to hear, yet it's best for future growth and greater understanding.

Choose truth.

ESTRA Seattle

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day Memories

ESTRA (Seattle) - The mind is often our scrapbook.  Good memories have very special places inside our hearts and minds. What is contained in your Scrapbook? 

The memories of children experiences given and received are often reflected on Mother's Day.  Why? Many things are wrapped up in a memory. Smiles, ways of walking and talking, especially laughter. Add times, special insights provide healing.  Much of a mother's role is teaching, educating, loving, caring along with sharing stories of support which provides directions along the way.  

Mothers hold families together.  Through good times and hardships. Through joy and tears.  Through loss and victories.  Families bring understanding to situations in ways few are able. Maybe Mothers should take time to build a physical Scrapbook holding valuable memories only Mothers understand and share.  Share those times when holding on was invaluable and guess what? You made it through a lot of them! The next generation needs to know they too can make it through the obstacles of life.  Share with mothers-to-be and future moms about common issues which brings security, hope, and tools which help them along the way! Insecurity is common among women with limited experiences and/or knowledge.  Its time to share.  We are all human and have learning curves.  Lets share them with those we love. 

Far too many new mothers are unsure about their way.  They are worried.  Without information, loss direction takes up far too much time.   Mothers can put their knowledge to work and help others, including family.  

As you move through this Mother's Day, touch the hearts and souls of others. When it comes down to it, all we have in this world is each other. We as Women have much to share.  Let's not ignore our wisdom and skills.  Perhaps this is the first time you have recognized your talents. Yet many people before you recognize your gifts. And, another Mother will appreciate you help.

Happy Mother's Day! Scrapbook your memories.

ESTRA Seattle


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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Can we trust American Leadership to protect us?

ESTRA (Seattle) - Last Friday, #TheMuellerReport was presented to #DepartmentOfJustice, #HouseOfRepresentatives, Senate, both #Republicans and #Democrats.  For over the past two years, Mueller's Team has been investigating whether #TheTrumpAdministration was involved in 2016 Election scandal of #Russian involvement to give Donald J. Trump the upper hand by hurting Hillary Rodham Clinton's chances to become President.  And now the day of reckoning has come. Or has it?

During and after the 2016 Election Process, each day Mainstream Media has spoken about the actions of Donald Trump, his family, and his Administration. Prior to Democrats being elected to the House in 2016 the Republicans did hardly nothing to protect this country.  This is evident by the crisis our country is now facing of low wages, lost homes, lost jobs, hunger, insurance policyholders dealing harassment, intimidation, denied and/or delayed benefits/settlement, while Wall Street is running the country rather than Congress.  Self-interest has surpass country protection and concern.

As these next few weeks becomes a circus regarding The Mueller Report, take a moment to consider what is really important to most Americans.  Will you be lead down the "drama trough" to believe what you are told or analyze what you are seeing and hearing for self? Far too often self-righteousness has become the latest way to choose our destination, but is this right?  How have we gotten so far off the path of integrity and justice?  Has greed infected us all? Or has it been the desperation most citizens face everyday because of the bad ethics of a few?

Don't fall for the most recent games people play.  We as citizens have too many issues to address at this time.  Far too many are being manipulated for the pleasures of a few.  It's time we Americans remember who we are and what we stand for as people.  Choose to be a part of The People who care about each other and will choose to elect the next President not from being lied to or manipulated, but from a perspective of adults, not children who can be lead by manipulation as with 2016 Election.  It is your choice.  Stay awake against those who want to steal your vote and your mind.  We are smarter than this and can recognize game.

Insured must also learn about many of these same tactics that have been played for years when filing Insurance Claim, whether this is with Auto Insurance, ERISA by Employers, Social Security Disability, Public or Private Surveillance use to harass, intimidate, and constant abuse to discourage follow through.  The common sense we have must again  protect our country in problem areas where you have interest.  Otherwise what most people will have left is no money, bad climate, and a homeless country.  We need to stand up and fight back because we matter and deserve more than abuse and manipulation.

Can we trust American Leadership to protect us? Personally, I believe this is the time we must protect each other because Wall Street interest is about making money for self.

Until they remember :

"...and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all."
                                                    -The Pledge of Allegiance, Washington State

They have forgotten.

ESTRA Seattle

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Middle Aged and Senior Car Accidents

ESTRA (Seattle) - The Middle Aged and Seniors often take longer to recover from being  involved in Car Accidents.  A large portion of these populations also live from paycheck to paycheck, with few resources to overcome the obstacles of personal injury, damaged vehicles, and resources to hold off financial woes.

Short-Term Disabilities most Middle Aged and Seniors can get through hard times. Yet the worries of figuring out how to get through Auto Insurance Claims, Medical Co-Pays, and paying Monthly Bills add to recovery time because of increased stress levels without a Recovery Plan.  Daily stress is often too high in life with few resources to quickly terminate concerns.  Middle Aged Injured often support family members in conjunction to self.  This often keep people up at night which adds to physical suffering.

If you know someone who has been injured in a car wreck who is Middle Aged or Senior, simple help can ease their burden and help to keep them moving forward instead of backwards.

Seniors assistance with errands helps reduce daily requirements.  If going to the grocery store anyway, ask if there are things you can pick up for them.  Make a simple list with them by allowing 5 -10 minutes to write needed items. Once help begins, it will become easier to have an idea of what is used on a regular basis.  Try to purchase items which will not require a lot work, since this creates greater hardships when injured.  In whatever ways you decide to assist, make sure it doesn't add major burdens on you, this would defeat the purpose.  This should be a rewarding experience for both of you.

Middle Aged Injured support tend to be about responsibilities around their home.  Helping to keep things organize or running smoothly helps to keep stress off these individuals. It may be as simple as shifting duties to others in the household and showing them how to do something they can take over until injured person has recovered enough to provide help.

The key is not to become overwhelmed and attempt to take on too much.  Have a plan of what you can and cannot help with each week or month.  In fact, a group of helpers is best in both of these cases.  Personalities must be comfortable with each other, or this support defeats the purpose.

No one knows when needing assistance after a car accident.  This person may be one of the first people to come to your aid.  Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated!

ESTRA Seattle

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

ESTRA 2019 Car Accident Weekly Planner

Each year ESTRA Car Accident Weekly Planner gets better for you. 

ESTRA (Seattle) - "Being Car Accident Ready" means the unexpected doesn't take you off guard without a path to restore your way.  Trauma often slows down life, making it difficult to start up again.  Yet, if there is support and advocacy, hope restores dreams of life improvements.

ESTRA Car Accident Weekly Planner places common experiences faced after collision and situations typically endured afterwards.  From Medical Information, Appointments, Daily Planning, Budgeting, To Do Lists, Journal/Notes for documentations.  This 2019 Calendar has lots of open space for personal notes, and provides unique design to make it yours, giving the best use from each section to accomplish goals and stay organize.

ESTRA Car Accident Weekly Planner is available most of the year because you never know when a car wreck will happen.  Once you've had an opportunity to use one, it's difficult to switch because planner provides the opportunity to write things your way, which brings comfort when having to address hard times.

If you are in a car accident this year, don't lose hope, don't become fearful, don't feel you don't know enough to be your best advocate, try ESTRA 2019 Car Accident Weekly Planner.

Order your copy of ESTRA 2019 Car Accident Weekly Planner now.
       Price: $14.99 USD

"Be Car Accident Ready."

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Friday, August 31, 2018

What To Do When A Target

 Seattle (ESTRA) - No one expects to become a target. Ask Paul Manafort or Micheal Cohen five years ago if they would not have thought this day would come, when they would be targets of an investigation for the world to see.  We cannot predict when life will take us to task, yet being prepared for whatever comes ones way is one of the best survival methods.  

This is also true when a car wreck happens. The day before may be best days of your life, and next one the worst.  Often times processing car accidents takes time physically when pain and suffering screams out from parts of anatomy unrecognized until hurt.  Or when your mind is back to previous day before car collision and wants to function normally, yet on this day, it's no longer possible. 

Dysfunctional while scrambling to figure out what's up and down, a new set of problems come into play. Support and advocacy by those who promised to protect and assist act more as an adversary than those providing assistance. A lost sinking feeling may prevail when realizing you have become their target instead of customer. 

What can you do when a target? Decide to be a fast learner. Choose to believe in you and design a mission to get through the struggles facing. What kind of attacks will come?

First, realized you've been profiled and tracked in hopes of providing information that will help the case of Insurance Companies, Employers, Long-Term Disability, or Social Security Disability, not pay Insured Claims. Theses organizations have been at this for years or decades, while people in car wrecks tend to start out clueless.  This is O.K. Everyone must start from somewhere.  What is critical to keep in mind are insurer agendas placed in your path. Buckling under their pressure will create an opening to hurt claim and personal quality of life.  Often Social Security, Employer or Insurance strategies may get intense in order to eliminate claims.  Therefore, do not follow their direction, only your own.  Create your own intensity by sharing what they have done to you, how you've been harmed, and by deciding not to give up regardless of the physical, emotional, of financial abuse they often inflict.  

When you develop your own strategy to endure bullying practices and decide to come up with ideas  how to get through hurdles, you will make it through whatever is thrown your way.  Trust and believe in you.  Makes it clear in your own mind that fighting and advocating for self makes a difference in refusing to be bullied. 

Secondly, by knowing some of the actions taken in order to cause chaos which attempts to get you off balance, recognize when these target tactics are used upon you:

  1. Strangers are constantly coming up to you and asking personal questions.
  2. Whenever in public, you are being followed.
  3. You are seeing the same people over and over again.
  4. You are seeing the same license plates every day.
  5. Public harassment and intimidation begin.
  6. You vehicles has been opened after being locked.
  7. Surveillance Equipment is often jammed by harassers not wanting to be seen.
  8. The locks on your residence doesn't keep them out.
  9. Law Enforcement begins to harass and intimidate.
  10. Suddenly you receive financial notices.
  11. You are being followed into Doctor's Offices.
  12. Vehicles are passing your residence every 30 minutes.
  13. New people are in the neighborhood, walking pass residence.
  14. Reckless drivers almost cause collisions, or do cause collisions.
  15. Laptop, Cellphone, and Television face constant hacking.
  16. This is a long, long, list of tactics faced when a target.
This is why you must make the decision to do what is in your best interest. Advocate for self. Their numbers may be large, but you will always be able to choose a course of action that provides healing, support, and advocacy for your goals.  Stay on track with a purpose and fight against being bullied with a vengeance. 

-ESTRA Seattle

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ESTRA 2018 Weekly Planner Calendar

Caring, respectful services is what every person deserves and this is what Insured Civil Rights Legislation will give." - ESTRA

Seattle (ESTRA) - Car Accident help with Auto Insurance Claims places you once again in the driver's seat. Why? Knowing what to expect, knowing your responsibilities, and the Insurers means keeping track of everyone's actions.  

ESTRA 2018 Car Accident Weekly Planner is design for people involved in a car wreck.  In order to protect and advocate for your interest, it's important to know how the Insurance Industry works and their sphere of influence.  This means gaining understanding about the process and its impact on daily living, finances, recovery, insurer protocol, and how Insurance Companies will influence Claim Processing. Their expectations are not necessary what is written in Insurance Contracts, therefore, it's important to become very knowledgeable about what is contain in Insurance Policy.

Most people involved in car wrecks tend to have less energy and often don't think at your normal pace.  It's easier to take advantage of someone in this condition, and many insured would prefer to lean on an Insurance Company or Employer when not feeling well. However, this is a big mistake.  Hence, take your time. Be as slow as necessary to gain understanding about the entire process.  In the end this will get you closer to being treated fairly and reasonable settlement.

ESTRA 2018 Car Accident Weekly Planner stores the information in one place for future use. It will help to see patterns and make plans for objectives. 

2018 Car Accident Weekly Planner Support includes: *

 Helps build confidence, courage, and strategy for dealing with your car wreck.

A place for Medical Charting.

Auto Insurance Claim Notes.

Documentation on what happened at collision and afterwards.

Helps with Scheduling a Financial Budget.

Keeping track of Appointments.

Tracking Personal Injury, Auto Insurance Claims, Disability Claims, Social Security, and ERISA information.

* Have a favorite standard color? Add it into comment section and have your calendar personalized for free!  

Also available as support gifts are Mugs!
 ESTRA Car Accident Mug:  $13.99

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