Thursday, April 9, 2020

Liars Versus Truth Tellers

ESTRA (Seattle) - Are you tired of hearing lie after lie? Truth stretched so far out it's unrecognizable?

Anxiety created by ascertaining truth from fiction? Has the heart and soul of Americans been compromised?  Has deceit and deceptive practices gained traction in our minds and lead us down the path of destruction as a society? A sign of the times is creating an exodus of being our brothers and sisters keepers?

Homelessness, joblessness, hunger, car accidents, personal injury, disability, disease (COVID19), financial problems, insurance claims,  family concerns can  become overwhelming and discouraging.  How we choose to react when trouble comes our way is often a defining moment.  Look for opportunities to learn ways of gaining understanding and knowledge about aspects dealing with concerns. Break things down so they are simple to see. Solutions are found by honestly assessing situations and determining what is the best alternative. Extending support to others in need also aids in learning about ourselves and ways to support our communities where our gifts and talents shine.

Lying and sociopathic behavior seems to go hand in hand in society today. Add bullying to this equation and most people recognized these patterns on a regular basis. Do you become confused when dealing with this type of behavior? If you are use to looking at truth and recognizing it, normally liars tend to be a throwback since their first choice is to inaccurately state or reflect a situation.

In the case of  United States Senate Republicans knowing the truth and often settle for ignorance or lies, or call it being fearful of possible outcomes. The heart and courage of Americans still mostly stands on honesty, integrity, and truth. If one does not respect self enough to be honest, how can we lift up each other?

When did lying surpass being truthful? Has "American Pride" turned us into people who cannot admit honest mistakes? If this has occurred, life can become stagnant until we once again face who we are and what we've become:  someone we do not recognize.

People and Companies willing to say or do anything will have to pay the consequences for their actions. Personally, I believe karma in the universe keeps tabs.  And often what you put out there comes back at the worst times.  Right now with COVID19 clogging up our universe, we need nothing more getting in our way.  It's time to put positivity in the world to give us all something to reach for as a shinning light with lots of love.

Liars do nothing to improve our situations, only false hopes, false dreams, and a broken hearts.  The truth may not always something one wants to hear, yet it's best for future growth and greater understanding.

Choose truth.

ESTRA Seattle

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