Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Surviving Harassment, Intimidation, and Car Accidents

Seattle (ESTRA) - It great to be back again, after having the fourth laptop hacked and buying another one.  I am a believer in never giving up or giving into Insurer Harassment and Intimidation.  It's been over 10 years of bullying by Insurers, Employer, Police, SSDI, and others they use in their behaviors.  Most of us are clueless about their tactics in using Medical Data, Banking Information, Causing Collisions, Home Invasions, Car Break-ins, ok, you get this is another endless list. Unfortunately, everyday people logically don't think in these terms.  Normal activities are on minds of those use to living peaceful, quiet lives. Yet one must learn ways to protect self from bad actions from those working together for their best interest, not yours.  Yes, you can be educated about the tactics of cyberbullying and publicly bullying done against Policyholders day in and out.  

Remember who you are because that's what will get you through tough times.  Often self-esteem is targeted, especially when becoming disabled after a car accident. Most intimidation experiences decrease self-assurance due to levels of physical and emotional pain.  You are who you will always be and accomplishment of current and future dreams are still on the horizon.  Give yourself time to adjust.  Car Accident Recovery is often difficult and takes time.  Yet through the entire process you must believe in self, love self, forgive self, and most importantly trust self. Why? Because your destiny is tied to you and understanding what is going on inside in order to move life forward.  Insurers or Federal Harassers have one agenda, to bully you in order to make you give up. One word: Don't.

The Insurer's Plan encompasses being a hurtful distraction in your life.  Personal Injury makes their actions worse because it's hard to think well when in pain.  Emotions run high. This is the main reason staying focused and determined keeps you in check against their intimidation and harassment.  You can do it, I know you can.  Again, it's important to document their behaviors while doing best to recover.   

Speaking of Insurer bad behaviors, when going to your medical appointments, have you notice the number of surveillance vehicles present?  Yes, in hospital, clinic, and low-income housing parking lots.  Their vehicles in grocery store parking lots frequented is also common.  Yet, their actions should not allow loss of focus. Protecting self when being bullied matters.  When thinking about self, personal goals are easier to achieve while documenting their behavior, otherwise their exploitation become worse and their agendas come before your needs. When this happens, it opens up opportunity for success of abusive actions against you by those trying to thwart goals.  

This year has been long and hard for you? Yet you are still here. Still making it through suffering and the unexpected events.  Hold your head high.  Why? Because you have not given up or in with the struggles and problems which have come your way.  You're doing it right. Give yourself a hug! Stay in the fight and share with others what you have learned.  We need you. We need to hear the stories encountered and how they made you a better person.  
Insurers & Federal Harassers

Come share them on Talking About You with ESTRA Radio Podcast. There is healing for the heart and soul, for those seeking to better their lives.  Regardless of what will be face tomorrow, gain strength by standing up and fighting against the harassment face these next 24 hours. Challenges can be face by the hour or day. 

- ESTRA Seattle

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