Sunday, July 12, 2020

Can You Trust Auto Insurance

Seattle (ESTRA) - Can you trust Auto Insurance Companies? Have you received promised COVID-19 Discounts? Has your insurer kept other promises? Can you trust them to pay underinsured motorist claim? What about paying a standard policy claim? Are Policyholders or Investors their top priority? How about just being fair and honest with insured?  

When you add all things up, how have you been treated? Bottom line how would you rate the Auto Insurance Industry as a whole?  They know most of their policyholders don’t have enough resources to take on their billions. Yet we as a group can take them on, albeit watch out for deviant tricks. 

We can choose to boycott those companies more interested in self serving actions and nonpayments of their policyholders.  

Ask yourself these three questions:  1) When filing an insurance claim, was your insurer interested in what happened or how not to pay your claim?  2)  Did you receive prompt PIP (personal injury plan) checks or were they delayed? Did you feel supported by your insurer or harmed? 

More negative vibes than positive ones? You’ve got your answer. Remember you are not alone in this process. Keep reading and learning about what can be right here on Want to share on Talking About You With ESTRA Podcast? wants to know.

All Auto Insurance Companies are not created equal. Especially those who practice harassment and intimidation. Regardless, keep fighting. We are in this together as insurance policyholders. 

- ESTRA Seattle 

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