Thursday, April 9, 2020

Broken Trust

ESTRA (Seattle) - In recent years, trust in government is  broke, lost hope and faith in their ability to lead the country and it's people, places us in vulnerable positions.  Why? Broken Trust means safety is violated and suspicions run as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

When belief and bonds in someone or something no longer holds, a new perspective springs up with a vision of reality which looks quite different. Optimism and happy outcomes become outliers while disbelief and disappointment prevail.  Life disruption disseminating pain and lack of understanding fill hearts and minds, leaving a country with less to hope and dream. When those who are support be professionals turn out to anything but, you have a decision to make how to handle the situation. You can choose to put your best interest first, which, I personally suggest. Or, become someone they want you to be, which is rarely a place of upstanding character. Toss their behavior up to their personal issues and let life take them on a derogatory path.  Life's direction is not necessarily where one would like to be, as dealing with a car accident, disability surveillance, insurer harassment, and intimidation.  

The lesson along the way will give you a skill set you never would image gained. Take what the world gives you, plant them and make lemons, and squeeze them into something sweet that will transforms life more valuable than could have been designed or imagined.

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