Sunday, June 21, 2020

When USA Decides To End Racism

Freedom and justice is for everyone. 

ESTRA (Seattle) - Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Racial Inequality, Institutional Biases, and differences made due to Skin Color. Why would racism continue? Who benefits from biases? Racism equals oppression. This is a main method to disenfranchise races of people, while promoting privileged to a few.  

For generations people of color have tolerated injustice in the fabric of our society. Attempts for change have continued, yet the powers that be refuse to relinquish tactics which keep money and power in their back pockets.  

Black Lives Matter in the last seven years shed a bright light on what Black Americans live daily and why its unfair and unequal to White Americans way of life.  Yet, many White Americans have found themselves in the same plight as many People of Color, and now easily see the impact of disparities.  And, quite frankly, being on the opposite end of the spectrum brings it home, recognizing the hurt and harm which comes from mistreatment. For four hundred years, Black People have tried to free themselves from the bonds of societal biases and live with dignity and respect, but its been hard coming. 

George Floyd tragic death is another example caught on camera which brought this injustice into the homes of people all over the world. The good news is Generation Z and Millennials are willing to stand up for a more just and fair world.  Seeing youth of this country refusing prejudices means there is hope that some day all people will be view equal and treated this way.  

How so? Financial Institutions will no longer charge Black People higher interest rate based on skin tone or zip code. Mortgages cost will be equal, making wealth accumulation for Black People equal to whites, and being able to choose your neighborhood by personal preferences versus Redlining by Real Estate Companies and Banks.  

This also means having Grocery Stores in Black Neighborhood that sell quality produce and meats at same prices in White Neighborhoods. Police deal with their personal of issues as seeing Black People as threats, therefore, making young Black People equal to the numbers of White Youth with problems with Law Enforcement. We must address Police pulling over new young Black Drivers and traumatizing them, just because of their power. 

Frankly, Institutional Biases in the work place is at the root of this problem. Why are most people of color at the bottom of pay grades in most Private Companies? I were assert biases.  Yes, this problem also begins in the homes, Churches on Sundays at 11 am. Racism is introduced and surrounds most of our activities.  When this script if flipped or our friends and families face these biases, we begin to realize how unfair these actions can be toward anyone facing them. Today generations do have friends of different race, creeds, and colors, or orientations.  Therefore, a greater understanding of cultures and respect emerge. 

Insurance Companies, going back to Black Wall Street in 1865, refused to pay out Insurance Claims when white folks burned down the entire town. Insurance Companies are still doing the same thing today.  Biases and abuses in this country continues.  Moving people of color out of areas lived for years, only to move white people in by raising prices making rents unaffordable by people of color, is unacceptable, yet this action is happening all over the country.

Black Activist face harassment and intimidation for bringing this information to light.  However, it's important to share this behavior.  Personally, I believe most people want what is fair and just.  Greed is a motivating factor for those who disregard humanity. 

Educations that is equal for all children, so that all have a fair chance to achieve their dreams is a must.  Privilege Cheating is no longer acceptable for a few.  If you make it, you must go through regular channels, and Black Children must be included in this process, with real educational opportunities.  Second rate educations for Black Children must end.  We must begin placing individuals in political office who care equally for us all.

Today we can see how oppressive and bullying tactics come in to play in the November 2020 Elections. Reductions in voting locations, removal of legitimate People of Color off voting roll, and false information on dates and times to vote is one example of how the powers continue their attempts to control the country.

Fortunately, the internet helps share truth about bad behaviors.  The actions of elected officials who participate in self-interest and work against those citizens in their district, will hopefully face wrath of their citizens.  Suffering has become intense.  COVID19 made this situation worse by loss of livelihood to loss of life.  

When does USA decide to end racism? When we understand the suffering it brings to us as a country, and it cheats individuals to able to take satisfaction in personal achievements, when made by privileged or oppression.  We need as a country that respects every citizen. This is the only way to move us forward and stop perpetuating harmful, hurtful, biases by those whose interest in self preservation at the expense of everyone else. We must take on Wall Street until Main Street access is equal. 

Most people are unaware of the harassment and intimidation #BlackActivist face on a daily basis. Police access to financial, internet, surveillance, cyberbullying, access to public and private businesses attempt to get block information and actions of those choosing to share inappropriate behaviors.  Often they work with government, insurance, and Wall Street Companies.  Continue fighting against their actions, it's time to expose actions.  Why they are doing this? Your topic is important.  

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