Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Being Happy Through Holidays

Peace, joy, love, and comfort is found by being you.

Seattle (ESTRA) - Is it possible to be happy through the holidays? Or is there far too many things life holds from the past or current issues to make being happy a viable option?

Happiness through Holidays means taking time to think on things which are unpleasant.  Understanding ourselves and how we interact with problems provides insight on choosing how we shall interact in these situations.  Whether ignored unresolved issues or allowing others to push our buttons.  What do I say to them? Take action which is in your best interest to remain calm and peaceful. This includes Insurer or Disability Surveillance which often targets Insured during the Holiday Season.

Sound strange to you? Insurer Harassers try hard to bring Insured down at weakest times.  However, my challenge to you is being stronger when toughest times come your way.  In fact, I believe internal determination and perseverance gets you through troubles unforeseen or right before your eyes.

Lets go through this one by one:

Happiness through the holidays means having a good perspective.  At the beginning of season make choice to celebrate each event attending.  A good idea is spending first couple weeks prior to socializing recognizing what buttons self, family, friends, and co-workers like to push in order to place you in a zone which creates unhappiness or brings up traumatic memories.

A.  Wounds can heal or be placed in what I like to call the Recovery Room.  In order to do this, we must be willing to take a good look at what is troubling, what it’s about, why it’s festering, and what can be done about this issue.  The death of anyone special often times causes grief.  When I think on grief, I believe this is about missing love one cared about who is gone.  Often time this grief can take years to dissipate into comforting memories in ways that brings a  smile. 

Frankly, this type of wound often is placed in the Recovery Room.  Why? A layered approach to healing process occurs.  This is a touchy topic and doesn’t take much to bring out the pain.  Therefore, decide what will said about lost love one before asked.  For example, someone may say, “How is so and so?” It’s ok to say something like, I really miss them since they are gone, but I’m doing my best to keep moving forward, so maybe in a few years I will be ready to talk about this, do you mind if we talk about another subject?  Most people understand about a sensitive subject.  Yet, bullies or mean spirited people will continue to bring up the topic until they can get a rise out of you. 

When dealing with these types of people, move somewhere else, repeat that you do not wish to talk about it, until they stop, or remind them of their own wounded spots if persist, and then move on. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get away from people who are jealous, hurting themselves and want to take it out on someone whom they think will take their bad behaviors.  The key to remember is that you are free. Whether regardless of age being abused by others is not acceptable.  Therefore, be empowered to stand up for yourself against abuse, especially Insurer Abuses. You deserve to be happy through the holidays even while dealing with things that are currently wounding or in the past. 

Does this mean you can easily forget trauma, such as a car collision? Absolutely not.  What it means is that you can be measured in responses to self and other people.  Hope can still be a part of life during suffering.  And you can choose to expose as much of yourself as desired during the holiday season.

What can peace, comfort, and joy at holidays bring you? Often a smile, occasionally laughter, or pleasant memory. We are often amazed by telling a story about something that makes you and others remember happy times.

The joy of the holiday season doesn’t mean forgetting what is happening in life, it means being grateful for still being here on earth with a purpose to continue on, regardless of the obstacles which are coming your way.  There is peace and hope. There are people around you who wish to be supportive and caring when facing hard times. 

B.    Write a list of the top 10 questions you wished no one would ask you and decide before any Holiday Event how to respond to them.  When anyone asked these questions, prep work will have already been done.  Remember you always have a choice just to say, none of your business! And proceed to another topic. 

By the way, it always good to have 5 topics to discuss with anyone, anywhere, that are general and light hearted.  My favorites are recent movies, plays, concerts, television shows such as Scandal.  This will allow a connection on general topics and not too personal.

Laughter lifts human spirits.  Use the holidays to be happy.  Not in a fraudulent way, but sincere.  It will encourage those around you, provide something new to talk about next year with a happy reunion if the Lord says the same. 

Often we take this world for granted, thinking every day will be the same, but sometimes this is not true.  Therefore, take the time to appreciate being on earth while here, have goodwill towards men and women that improves the journey for all of us.

If you have recently been involved in a car wreck, remember to take it easy, share in the work and don’t try to do everything while recovering. 

-         ESTRA Seattle

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why so many angry People?

When life takes a wrong turn anger often follows.

Seattle (ESTRA) - Each and every day on the news we hear people being hurt.  We also see car collisions on freeway and public streets.  Yet this is typically where things ends.  We don’t hear much about the suffering that goes along with the trauma.

What goes along with this pain and suffering? Anger.  Often people display anger from broken promises and shattered dreams.  The loss of support promised by Insurance Companies, Employer ERISA Benefits, Social Security denials and surveillance, and police who are here to protect and serve siding with those who are actually hurting citizens instead of helping.

Why are there so many angry people? It’s due to those who should be doing the right things by them, doing the wrong things for profit and greed, leaving many people homeless, hungry, and without the medical care and concern needed to improve their lives.  Their families go without and also experience a quality of life that provides downward mobility instead of up.  

How angry would you be when these things happen to you?

1.    Why are there so many angry people today? Disappointment in those people we once believed in. Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, Social Security Disability, Law Enforcement.

2.   Where has resentment come from? Protections are longer there.  The average person use to be able to believe in what they are told. That most people’s word was their bond, especially corporations worked for, but as companies felt no obligations for their employees, this bond has evaporated, and it’s become every person for themselves.

3.   What can you do about your anger?  Recognize that anger disrupts your way of thinking. When this happens the best tools that you have are blocked.  Remaining calm and focused is one of the best things you can do, and come up with a plan that is in your best interest. Never give up on yourself.  Often times we have no control on what others do when they make decisions whether to do what was promised. Let them know you realize how they have treated you and it’s wrong. Continue to do the best you can under current circumstances.

4.   Concentrate on how you can make your life better in spite of facing harassment, intimidation, bullying, disability, abuses, loss of financial status, and the way in which you hold on to dreams.  Dreams change, or can remain same, only developed in different ways.  As long as you do not give up or in to struggles, you can and will find a path which makes you whole again, regardless of whether Insurers do the wrong things regarding your claims. 

5.   Let the anger go. Yet keep your dreams alive. It matters. You matter. The key is to remember, you will always be your best advocate. Believe this. Then decide to use the energy from the abuse suffered and turn it into something so special, life turns out to be awesome; you couldn’t have imagined it without the struggles which will get you there!

Join me on Saturday for Talking About You with ESTRA Radio  Podcast. 

-   ESTRA Seattle

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Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 October Car Accident Awareness Month Day 2

ESTRA Seattle

Seattle (ESTRA) – The one characteristic developed after a car wreck is courage. Courage is used in healing and learning how to adapt to a disability.  Courage is used when times get tough in tough living circumstances.  Courage evolves when dealing with Insurance Claims Process from Auto, Employer ERSIA, Social Security Disability, and Medical Claims.  Courage is also developed when dealing with supporters of Insurers, such as Police, Providers, Local Small Business, and perhaps front businesses used by any of these companies.
A new found courage will help with survival of deviant behavior unknown or experienced by average people.  For example, Insurance Harassment happens whenever out in public, which is often exerted psychologically.  Most individuals are taught to act with levels of class in public, therefore running into opposite behaviors can take a while to adjust and determine how to deal with intimidation, such as taking all close parking spots when walking is difficult or making lines as long as possible when standing is hard, or working with banks to keep items coming through accounts when close to zeroing out balance, so 10 cents overdrafts can cause you $30-$40, and rounding out daily bullying by getting into personal space, in hopes of you becoming so uncomfortable, objectives are avoided.

If they are not harassing in public, they are hacking online. Police can assist them in causing mobile phone dysfunctions, which can slow down your activities, or make certain functions not work.  This is done typically through Bluetooth or WiFi which in my opinion are two of the most unsafe methods of internet access.  These actions are through Browsers, Internet or Mobile Providers, such as @Apple @Sprint, @Frontier, @Verizon, all of which Hackers continue getting into like revolving doors  in attempts to cause havoc during online activities. Many options provided to customers in my opinion, is not for benefit of customers, but to corporation for tracking purposes.  Therefore use caution when turning your value information over whether free or paid.  In some cases companies have developed a maze, and we have to use it or fall behind in learning the technology and social media.
Day 2 Thought of Day:  When Police, Insurer Hackers, Insurance Harassment occurs, keep your wits about you because loosing it gives them what they want, a better opportunity of eliminating normalizing day.  Keep moving forward and use patience to get there.  Know bullies gonna bully, and haters gonna hate. Yet you are going to keep head to sky and keep moving towards goals.  That's what Day 2 is all about, not falling prey to Insurer Harassment! Now use YOUR Courage!

-   ESTRA Seattle

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October 2017 Car Accident Awareness Month

ESTRA Seattle

Seattle (ESTRA) – 2017 October Car Accident Awareness Month Theme is Insured Civil Rights.  Why choose Insured Civil Rights? People are injured in car wrecks every day and seeking the help and support promised by their Insurers. Months of worry and concern may follow.  Will Insurance Company pay up? Will Employers hold job? Is it possible to get by month to month when this was a challenge while working?

People in car accidents don’t need additional stress. Most need a safety net, security, time to heal and recover. Extra worries creates delayed recovery, an unsettled mind, and questions which add what’s next rather than provide relief while injured. 

Insured Civil Rights Legislation provides structure designed to protect those with Insurance Policies with Auto Insurance, Employer ERISA, LTD, STD, Social Security Disability, or other Insurers of profit or non-profit corporations.
Why Insured Civil Rights Legislation for 2017 October Car Accident Awareness Month?  Insured Civil Rights Legislation will protect you:
·       Level the playing field Insurance Companies have with one of Insured.
·       Congress supports Insurance Industry, Lobbyist, not you as priority.
·       Injured can wait up to ten years for a settlement that’s unfair.
·       Legislation will reduced the number of Injured living in poverty.
·       Deter delays, denials, and intimidation to eliminate legitimate Personal Injury Claims.
·       Eliminate Auto Insurance policies with clauses which negatively impact their client’s ability to receive settlements.
Insured Civil Rights is defined as the ability of insured to be protected from lengthy delays, denials, or extensive court trials used to cause serious harm to reduce fair settlements and intimidate people injured in Car Accidents.

The goal is to provide the assistance policyholder require before incurring significant losses.
Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria changed the lives of millions.  The unexpected happens exactly the same way with Car Accidents. When Insurers won’t pay benefits, employment comes to an end or injury last more than a year, what will your world look like?
Have time, energy, or motivation to make a real change in the lives of people involved in car collisions? Participate in helping build Insured Civil Rights Legislation in your State a reality.  How can you do this? Join me in developing this Bill and support people suffering right now after personal injury. It’s important for us to be able to count on each other.
Sign up to help at https://www.estracarwreckhelp.com Membership is free! And your commitment invaluable!  Let’s get this done. It matters for all of us.
-   ESTRA Seattle

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shaming and Bullying Insured by Insurers

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Seattle (ESTRA) -Everyday millions of people
contact their Insurance Companies to file Auto Accidents, Medical, Disability, or Long-Term Care. Many of these individuals have paid into these companies for decades.  In their minds, this is a safety net in case needing help.  But is this true?  Will these Insurers be there in direr time of requiring support?

Fortunately, some will be there for you.  However it’s the Insurance Companies who won’t pay that may be the one that takes down your household.  When contacting Insurer, do they immediately attempt to discourage you from filing a claim?  Do they use words such as, “We will be the ones who determine if your claim is paid.”  Sense you are already getting the run around? Insurer says, “We will send you out a claim application” rather than directing to their online site where you can access the information immediately?  Another indication of their interest in dealing fairly is level of questioning.  Did you feel you had done something wrong in calling them and asking for help? Did they make you feel situation is your fault? These are all signs of a greedy Insurance Company, and you may fall victim to their tactics not to pay your claim.

Yes it’s hard to believe a company you trust in fact placed your life in their hands at vulnerable times would take advantage of you.  Sadly, often Insurance Commissioners in many States do little to support needs of Insured.  Their hands are often tied by the power and money Insurance Companies currently have in this and most other countries.  Some Insurers hold money so tightly regardless of promise made after paying Insurance Premiums in case of unexpected emergencies, insured are squeezed and pressured so firmly many loose hope in getting Insurance Benefits.

Instead of being shattered by Insurance Greed and placed in a compromising position, choose instead to fight back.  Shaming Insured is one viable method used by Insurers to keep hurting people quiet.  Many families lose all they have in their attempts to stay afloat.  Make a difference choice: speak up and speak out.  Don’t see these companies as “all powerful” because they are not unless you allow them to be in your mind.  Remember it is your resources which allowed them to become who they are today.  You have no reason to feel ashamed.  Stand up and file Insurance Claim. What can you expect them to do? If Insurer has integrity, claim will be evaluated honestly. They will share their findings with you and expedite claim so they aid in eliminating suffering, not increasing troubles.  If they are indeed there to help and protect your interest, their actions will reflect this to be true.

Check online complaints about how they treat policyholders. Do they have a reputation of not paying Policyholders filing claims? Move to another Insurance Company known for taking care of their Insured. Why pay Insurance Company that cares nothing about your troubles?

How can we do something about this as millions of Insured? We can support Insured Civil Rights Legislation which equalizes the power currently exploited by some Insurance Companies.  In other words, this legislation will put in place laws which protect you from unfair practices of Insurance Companies.  Can Insurers be objective when the money giving out is cash they want to keep? Why are there currently so many laws working on their behalf? The vast money spent by Insurance Lobbyist for Congress.  We’ve got to get fair and just legislation that is not so one sided against individuals filing Auto Insurance Claims.  Are you ready to help change injustice far too many people face when filing Insurance Claims?

Start by simply signing up to help get Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed, and change current laws for better protections you, family, neighbor, and community members dealing with Insurance Claims can expect. The bullying by Insurance Companies has to stop. The shaming tactics has to stop.  We are the only ones who can do this by standing up. Join the fight for change today.  No one needs more sorrow at times of suffering.

Thanks for joining the fight for Insured Civil Rights Legislation. Sign up at https://www.estracarwreckhelp.com

-         ESTRA Seattle

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Gifts from the Heart

Seattle (ESTRA) - Memorial Day Weekend Memories invoke much emotion especially when thinking about those we’ve loved and lost.  Spending time at the cemetery longing for that one gentle touch one more time from someone so dearly missed brings back memories of joy and sadness.

One can always hold on to love.  It’s a great gift that cannot be taken away.  There is always a place in ones heart for love of someone held close. 
The millions of lives lost going to war is the ultimate sacrifice.  Has it been worth it for those giving up their lives? Have we given those who return home the respect and honor deserved?  Is the average person aware of what each of these souls have meant to us by their sacrifice?

Visit a cemetery this weekend just to see those who made this sacrifice and say thank you. Show appreciation for their lives cuts short for the citizens of USA.  Say thank you for all things in their life missed, their children growing up, time with their wife, or just learning whom they would have become.

This is a Memorial Day Gift given from the heart.  A visit to cemetery says, “thank you” to someone whom you did not know and did not know you, but gave you all they had, their life for your protection.

For the living that made it home, give them the benefits promised.  It’s time for leaders of the USA to stop disrespecting those who keep our country safe.  Stop being greedy and say thank you by helping them reintegrate into society which includes Medical Care, Housing, Mental Health, Jobs, and transition support.

Thoughts of Remembering Veterans and those grieving love ones.


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Friday, May 19, 2017

State Constitution Basics For Everyday People Series Part 2

Seattle (ESTRA) - Many Policyholders find themselves in a position of ignorance by design. The less we know about how to protect ourselves, the easier it is for us to be abused.  But guess what? Those days are coming to an end, because we want to educate and protect ourselves.   By starting with basic of State Constitution fundamentals separating truth from fiction means deception, lies, or misrepresentation won’t work anymore. 

You can understand State Constitution Basics 101 and Frequently Asked Questions as you will see upon completion of this Series. The day of being a victim ends and standing up for what is right, fair, and just begins!

If you have wondered why most Insurance Companies transfer court cases to Federal Court versus State Court, the rules often lean in their favor versus cases being tried in State Court.  So don’t be surprised when Insurers move it where they have an edge where injustice often prevails.

From my perspective, power is something we all have and choose to use in the way we see fit.  Political Power in January was demonstrated by The People Marching to keep Obamacare.  Yes this is power. So is Speaker Ryan’s determination to take it from you by presenting his own healthcare, and Trump supporting this efforts when it’s not what the people want. 

So the fight for power continues in Town Halls across America.  We don’t want this new plan and will continue to fight against it because it hurt us.  When we give up our power to others unjust and unfair actions such as greed becomes promoted in America.  As long as we continue to fight for what is right, like Insured Civil Rights Legislation, protections will eventually bend toward justice.  It’s a right we will continually have to fight for in each generation, because there will always be someone ready to take what isn’t theirs. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if dignity was added to Personal Rights? How often are people stripped of this valuable possession due to the greed of others? 

Personal Rights is how we shall get Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed.  We must show that we will stand against the injustices many face when denied Insurance Benefits, Settlements, or deal with Surveillance as a reprisal or punishment when standing up for our rights.

Are you ready to join the fight? Your signature will be needed to bring this to legislation up for a vote.  Be ready to stand up for yourself and others who have faced these same issues for decades. We deserve the respect and dignity promised when we signed up for Insurance before a collision, letting Insurers creep by without doing what is right must change.

We have the right to assemble. Sometimes a permit is required to do so, and police bring batons, sprays, military equipment, for intimidation purposes, yet we as citizens of this country have the right to peacefully protest.  I’m not sure what Law Enforcement chooses for their causes to stand. 

My question is:  Why police actions typically protect the interest of Wall Street not citizens out in the street standing for change?  In my opinion, Police Power is in the wrong place.  Their actions should be neutral, fair, and just.

How many places have you felt censorship on what you say?  Conformance prevents many people from growing into who they really are and greater sacrifice in eliminating who you would become.  Yet remember, in this country so far, you indeed have the right of Free Speech. 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Mother's Love Gives So Much

Seattle (ESTRA) - Mothers throughout the world each day often give more to those they love than have themselves.  There is an inner strength and courage to get through another day with hope and determination to ensure survival of their families for another season.  

Taking one day out of 365 to say, "Thank You, Mother" means a lot to so many.  Often times the life of Motherhood has few thankful moments.  Yet those heartfelt emotions when a child or love one expresses deep appreciation for actions, they are indeed touching and provide power to undergo the next family struggle that only a Mother's special touch makes less painful.

Therefore, take a few seconds this weekend to say, "I love you, Mother." It will mean a lot to her not because she expects it, but because this reminds her that you care. A simple phone call, a text message, stopping by to say hello, a basic card sent in the mail, taking her out for a meal, or any activity or actions that shows love is appreciated.  

 Price $14.99 USD

What if your Mother has recently been a Car Accident? Is she dealing with an Insurance Company who is known for not paying Insured? Is her pain levels so high that there is little she can do? Are you unsure what can be done to help? Simply ask her what she needs to be more comfortable. A simple note of love with this Website (http://www.estraseattle.com) link may bring comfort and peace by knowing there is a place to turn.  You can also add one of ESTRA's Mugs so each day she will remember she is not alone.  

However you decide to let your Mother know just how special she is on Mother's Day, it will give both of you time to reflect on your relationship and how significant is has been in life.

Happy Mother's Day to You and Yours,

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sad On Easter Sunday

Seattle (ESTRA) - In distance past, the main topic on Easter Sunday was The Resurrection of Christ, families heading off to Church with an Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard after Services.  There remained a hopefulness that God was still in control and one could get through life no matter what struggles comes ones way.

Today, however, seems to be a lot different.  Hope has gone by the wayside, faith seems to be waning from too much suffering and disappointment. Bad things seem to be on the way in while good things seem to be on their way out.  How did we get here as a country?  What does a future of sadness hold for far too many people?

From an American perspective, the last economic downturn placed significant suffering on lots of people.  Many are still trying to recover to this day.  And as if this wasn’t bad enough, Wall Street who caused the problems recovered from their mistakes and left rest of country behind.
For global companies there is more money to be made outside United States and many corporations forgot who helped build their wealth, leaving far too many people behind instead of bringing them along.  The trail of wounded citizens left behind spreads all over United States. 

What happens when leaders forsake those who follow them? High levels of discouragement, hopelessness, lack of trust, and cynicism. You may be surprised another option is available:  Make decision to heal burden, broken hearts. 

Sometimes placing faith in the wrong things, human flaws revealed causing loss of direction, makes life hard. Therefore, creating a world where looking out for one another seems obsolete. 

Stability and safety use to seem like a right and not a privilege.  Yet often they are gifts unrecognized until lost.  We must remember this world is not our home, and can be very unpredictable.  We can choose however, to make each day our best, work with what we have, and stay hopeful regardless of the circumstances.

Many may feel forsake this Easter Holiday and view The Resurrection of Jesus Christ does not apply. People have forgotten that you can give all troubles in your heart to Him.  It easy to take those first steps by being open to His Words, thinking about their meaning, wondering how they apply in life.  This allows Jesus Christ to reveal himself in your heart and reside in your soul.  What will He bring? His Holy Spirit’s healing ointment and repair the damage done by this world we live in and allow you to share new hope and goodness replacing old discouragement and despair. 

A Bible Verse in Romans 4:3 says it best:
“He [Abraham] trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.” – The Message Bible
There is much to look forward to in this world before we pass on, especially when each of us leave it better than when we arrived.  We can do this by learning to lean on Jesus Christ, continue the good fight to make this world a better place for those around you and next generation, learn from mistakes, and by promoting kindness, sharing, and love.  These actions are invaluable to everyday life.

Take a moment and look beyond your own problems. Problems are a part of living but don’t allow them to exploit life.  Concentrate on things important to Jesus Christ each day and watch how much more is accomplished for personal goals.  This doesn’t mean ignoring realities requiring actions.  It means looking beyond troubles, set path for the future that lends itself to positive outlooks in midst of troubles and viable dreams while here on planet earth.

This lends itself to remembering The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit being close enough to hold you up in darkest of times, like after experiencing a car collision, and the faith to keep you moving forward with hope in your future.

Happy Easter, In His Resurrection that brings Freedom.



Sunday, April 9, 2017

State Constitution Basics For Everyday People Series Part 1

Seattle (ESTRA) - Why is it better to have a good offense? You are in a position to protect yourself and challenge those who may be on the attack.  Many Insurance Policyholders find themselves in a position of ignorance about what their rights are when dealing with a collision. 

By starting with the basics of State Constitution fundamentals make a difference in separating truth from fiction. And, in today’s world this is truly power and protection.

Join me in a New Series on Talking About You with ESTRA Radio to help everyday people learn more about what Constitutions says and how it applies to you.  I will be using Washington State Constitution, however most State Constitution are similar in nature.  During this New Series, exploration of addition State Constitutions will be explored.

Let’s stop being victims and advocate for our rights as informed Insured Drivers. Talking About You with ESTRA is also on iTunes.  

Come be a part of the solution by knowing your rights starting on April 22, 2017 at 7 p.m. PST

- ESTRA Seattle

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Insurance and Medical Industry

Seattle (ESTRA) - For generations, the care and concern of healthcare was in the hands of patients, who were responsible for paying medical care cost, which typically was after the Insurance Company sent the check to their Insured.

What did this do?  It kept the balance of power between the Policyholders’ rights and Insurance Companies rights.  Unfortunately, as Wall Street often does, and as Politicians are doing today, the ideas being put forth is not equal for all, but for those already with enough greed and power to last them a lifetime.  However, this leaves majority of The People in a bad place, if not putting them in graves before their time. 

Why did Insurance Companies want to decide when and how much Medical Providers are paid?  Control. Yes controlling Patients and Medical Industry not only saves them money but allows them to decide who lives and who dies. How?  Delays in payments can closed down Medical Institutions, allow patients to die without authorization of care, and keep their Investors satisfied.

The origins of Insurance does not have its design in corporate self-protection at all cost.  The mission of insurance was in case of emergency consumers with a policy could reduce their risk of calamity.  Somehow Insurance Industry has been transformed into a risk reduction for itself and investors, not its consumers.  This transfer of missions has hurt the very people it was suppose to protect.

The same is true for both public and private insurance companies.  Social Security Administration acts the same as private companies, especially when lead by a Republican Government.  When American Citizens become less important to Wall Street than itself the country forgets why it became one of the best places in the world. In this current environment fewer foreigners are willing to visit the USA.  Losing our stature in the word because of a few selfish companies may be one of the saddest times in our history.

Citizens must become educated and run for political office to fend off some of the greed that currently is affecting our society.  The taste in the mouth of a few may not sour in their mouths, but is bitter on the taste buds of majority of people living with consequences of their actions. 

Equality, fairness, compassion, courage, and doing the right things cannot be of the past in this country.  Each of us is responsible for keeping the values which holds our way of life.  Twenty percent have been holding country up. Now it’s time for at least 75% to take up restoration hopes and dreams this country is built upon. 

Insured Civil Rights Legislation will be passed by a Congress who looks out primarily for Policyholders needing help and support, not by Politicians and Insurance Lobbyist looking out for themselves.  Respect and dignity for people who have built this land and want this country’s high standards and welcoming arms creates an environment which reflects who we are and continue to be as a country. 

As long as Insurance Industry controls Benefits, Settlements, or Medical Care, fairness and equality may elude us.  If we are finally awaken as a country, we must look into every avenue and make corrections where injustice and unfairness is found.  

Thanks for visiting.   
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ESTRA Seattle Car Accident Advocacy

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Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. How? By each individual who’s been preyed upon after filing Auto Insurance, ERISA, LTD, and Social Security Claims join me, ESTRA to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation. This will end Insurers ability to keep benefits and settlements by making Insured Disability Surveillance Targets. Best Recovery Wishes, ESTRA