Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stop Hurting and Start Fighting

When Harassment and Intimidation become Routine, its time to Fight!

ESTRA (Seattle) - When insurance companies, employers, SSDI, or anyone else can keep your insured benefits instead of paying out a claim, it’s time to stop hurting and start fighting. It’s a shame to have to resort standing up for rights that were promised.  Just as women are coming out talking about abuse during our current Presidential Elections, more individuals will come out and talk about financial abuse suffered at the hands of insurers. 

Our topic today is concerned with standing up against disability surveillance which involves more organizations in your community and federally, than most injured realized. Once designated as one of these insurers target, the games average individual cannot contemplate becomes life’s reality.  And unless becoming educated about these organizations strength and weaknesses, their employees will attempt to create a great deal of havoc in your life. From the gambit of finding chewed up popcorn in your Movie Theatre order to destroying vehicle via car wrecks.

2016 Car Accident Awareness Month to brings attention to this topic for those out there surprised that they may be subjected to abusive behaviors by Insurance Companies, Employers, Social Security, local and state officials, all working to keep benefits you’ve been promised after a collision. 
Why do harassment and intimidation tactics work against policyholders? Because you the insured have not spoken out about it.  Notice there are very few support systems in Communities to aid in the recovery of people involved in a car accident?  Do you think this is by chance?  I challenge you to rethink this thought and ask this question:  Who benefits when you are struggling with help? Who wins when you are so desperate to keep a roof over head, have food, and pay monthly bills? 
The powers Big Conglomerates have hurt many a poor folk. The poor in our country make less than $200,000 per year, which includes the majority. You can survive making the average $80,000 white male make but not many of us fit this bill and make this money including a lot of white guys. 

What we don’t have in money we make up for in our numbers, if we are willing to use them.  Are you standing in the shadows afraid?   Do you run at first sign of trouble? Is life purpose to make life better for you, others, and the future to come? I ask all of these questions only to say the rat maze invented to hold you back is not only options in life unless you don’t look up. Throw off harmful conditioning and find a new alternative.  Yes there are others choices and this is to fight. Fight for better conditions for you the insured.  Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed by a New Congress which is ready to work for our best interest rather than theirs is what people must vote in this election year. 

Congressional Officials that say they are tired of protecting special interest like the Insurance Industry and make things right for you, the policyholder.  But do they have a record backing this up?

Congress has been passing Legislation that hurts Social Security Disability Recipients for years, bringing Wall Street closer and closer to getting this money to place in the Stock Market.  At least funding they have not gotten their hands on thus far!  Don’t believe lies you hear about Social Security going under, this will be true if Wall Street get their hands on Social Security funds. Have you notice this more of an issue with a Republican Congress majority? Remember President George W. Bush tried to get Social Security Funds to Wall Street until the market crash soon after the recommendation?

Insurer’s actions only work against you if standing dormant and allow Private Corporations to take advantage of us all. Policyholder’s actions together will far exceed Insurance, Employers, or Social Security’s abilities to keep money that should go to you after filing benefits claim.  We are better than this.  We as Americans have always had a fighting spirit and we are too young of a country to let it die now, due to the greed of a few and to the detriment of those in need of what’s been promised.
What can you do to become empowered and the start the fight?  Here are three things that will not take a lot of your time.

1)      Call Congress right now (202) 224 – 3121 and an operator will transfer call to your State Congress Person so you can share car collision experiences or ask your State Official to bring Insured Civil Right Legislation to the floor for a vote.  Don’t let another person be denied benefits only because these companies can.  End this by saying, enough.

2)      Vote on November 8. If you don’t vote it only hurts you. Many will rejoice in your inactivity.  Boot out those House Representatives who have ignored your calls for help. You know where they stand and it’s not with you, so do something about it. Don’t be complacent.  There is much more to do in order for Insured Civil Rights Legislation to pass in Congress. Join in on the fight for a better life for injured and disabled simply by voting.

3)      When companies harm you in anyway, don’t go quietly into the night. Scream it from top of your lungs. And guess what? It will not only be your voice.  Believe me you’ve got lots of company that’s been silent up to this point.  And why? One simple reason: Fear of retaliation. But retaliation tactics of harassment and intimidation will no longer work when this abuse comes out of the dark into the light, the real reason, greed will be exposed.  The cry from Insured suffering will be too loud all over the world.  Cheating insured should be a crime.  And they should not be able to hide behind their money.

Stand Up and Fight!

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Empowerment: 2016 Car Accident Awareness Month

Disability Surveillance Teams cause more harm through collisions and benefit Insurer Greed. 

ESTRA (Seattle) - Car Accident Information and Education matters to the millions of people involved in collision each year. Gone are the days of sitting in silence worrying about what your rights are and if you have to settle with whatever Insurance Companies, Employer ERISA Plans, Social Security Disability, or others who hold settlements or benefits in their hands,  regardless if it’s not in your best interest. 

Now you can speak up and demand Congress to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation and limit those abuses of power.  Its time to shatter the things corporations can do against insured which leave far too many with their broken promises.

Agree? Then start dialing right now (202) 224 – 3121 and operator will transfer your call to State Congress Man/Woman so you can share collision experience or ask Official to bring Insured Civil Right Legislation to the floor for a vote.  Don’t let another person be denied benefits only because these companies can.  End this by saying, “Enough”.  

Have you been in a car wreck today?  You could be in for the ride of your life with Insurers.  The money they are keeping belongs to you and your family.

What will keep you going while facing struggles? The three things we will talk about today: 

1) Self-Empowerment brings determination to succeed;
2) Recognition of Disability Surveillance brings ability for self-protection against being set up as a target; and
3) Car Accident Awareness means learning what can happen while dealing with Insurers.

"Self-Empowerment brings determination to succeed, means accepting what life brings your way and choose to change, defend, or find a way to keep your purpose."

Acknowledge that people involved in collisions are not always offered the safety net promised by insurers.  In this way, not all your hopes will be placed with a company which may bring disappointment and financial hardships.  You can find support on Talking About You with ESTRA Radio and

Making the decision to get back up if knocked down will help regain focus and develop a plan of action so suffering can be eliminated as soon as possible rather than waiting for insurer help which is not coming.  Regardless of the struggle faced, you are an overcomer, whether it’s a fight for a week or years. Remember this always.

“Recognition of Disability Surveillance brings the ability for self-protection against being set up as a target.”  

Those days of talking with strangers are over.  Think you won’t see that person again? You will if on a Surveillance team trying to get you to say something which strengthens their case or makes you so uncomfortable one would do just about anything to get away from them.  And yes, they may get your neighbors, friends, or even partners involved in their schemes.

How about another alternative? Recognize them by their actions and behaviors.  Decide not to discuss your case with random people who come out of nowhere.  Choose to be your best advocate by learning about the track record of the companies dealing with:  Have they been fair? Have they cheated other insured out of insurance claims? Are they dragging things out for so long to place you in a worse position so they can rack you over the financial coals too?

It’s important to familiarize yourself with baiting tactics used by insurers to turn insured away from their settlements or benefits.  Some of these corporations were in on these creative oppressive tactics that Congress has allowed to go on for generations.

These institutions have the most to gain from your loss therefore do not be surprised to learn several Local, State, and Federal Public and Private Companies may be working together. You will see vehicles of all types on the road and at residence.  Your defeat is their goal and often share information about you.

Congress currently has written laws to support Insurance Companies. Therefore, do not expect much from Attorneys who are paid by Carriers.  Add a Justice System that rarely affords verdicts for the Plaintiff, yet favors Wall Street and stage has been set for your despair, but don’t go done this effectively design road. The best path for insured is often personally designed.  By knowing where you want to go and how to achieve results, provides a better chance of ending up with a future of hope and not despair. 

“Car Accident Awareness means learning what can happen while dealing with Insurers.”

Don’t be intimidated or fearful, it will cloud your judgement and create opportunities for Surveillance Teams.  Don’t let harassers set the stage to set you up. Don’t allow them to make you into whom they want you to be and how to behave for meeting their goals. 

Stand tall and don’t fall for baited tactics.   Choose instead to let the chips fall where they may, especially their behaviors.  Learn to be smart and careful when dealing with Disability Surveillance, their deviance may be something the likes you have never known.  They made you their target, with a hidden agenda, but it doesn’t mean you have to be one. Be yourself. Fight for your settlement or benefits.  This is your right.

-      ESTRA

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Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 October Car Accident Awareness Month

Surveillance Detection Tips In Month of October

This Year’s Awareness Topic: Disability, SSDI, Insurance Surveillance

Surveillance is performed to harass and intimidate, entrap, or catch car accident victim doing something they are supposed to be unable to do from the Insurance Application injured fill out.  The bottom line is Insurance Companies keeping money they should be paying out to Policyholders. Don't believe the lie surveillance last for only a couple days or so, surveillance can go on for years. The more public believes this type of behavior cannot happen to them, frankly, in my opinion, the greater abuse will become against Insured.

Why? Because Congress currently has approved legislation that protects Insurance Industry and leaves you with only the opportunity to sue against multi-billion dollar companies who've built Legal System in their favor and against you. Take a look and see how many citizens have received justice through our Court Systems. Injured have been failed more than vindicated through our laws.

Consider voting out the old Congress and voting in a new one if they are not helping you, family, friends, or average citizens.  Let them go back home and get jobs with those they have been helping throughout their years in Congress:  Wall Street.  Let’s elect a new Congress willing to objectively review Disability Surveillance and treatment of Insured after Car Wrecks.  When Insurance Companies, Employers, SSDI, and Police can work together against those they are supposed to protect, change is overdue. 

Yes, in surveillance all these organizations and corporations work against you for their one objective:  To keep your settlements and benefits.  Quite frankly, in my opinion, they've gotten good at it and often injured are afraid to come forward and tell their stories. 

Courage must overcome fear if this situation is to change for Insured.  Each one of us must put policyholders as a group more important than individual concerns. Otherwise these giant monopolies will continue to win and hurt us.  Their actions have already demonstrated they do not care about policyholders, for if they did fair care and settlement negotiations would be for all, not just their pockets.

If each citizen stood up against 20 years of wage stagnation would it have gone on for so many years?  Since it is our labor that produced these huge bonuses for them, I seriously doubt it.  It is fear that keeps injured in bondage. How long will you let them continue to delay, deny, or terminate insurance claims that should be paid to you?

Join me as part of 2016 Car Accident Awareness Month by saying we've had enough of Congress, Insurance Lobbyist, Local, and State Governments going along with settlements and benefits not going to Policyholders. Living in poverty at the expense of their greed is unacceptable.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Series: Life After Disability II

Oh Yes! There is life after Disability, living ain’t over till it’s over. While keeping this in mind, realize there is work for you to do! Whether you, family, friends, or the world.  Everybody has something to give, even after disability, so this is no time to be sleeping on your skills!

Disability doesn’t mean grabbing a doom and gloom outlook.  Your life can be as bright as anyone else. Are you looking up to the light or holding head down into darkness?  This choice you will have to make each day because of a disability.  As long as you get up each morning and give life your best, fulfilling hopes and dreams are one day closer.

If thinking you are the only one who has been told you will never do something again, rethink that thought.  Could this be true? Maybe, but maybe not! Be honest with yourself and dreams. All of us would still be sitting in the dark had Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan, Hiram Maxim felt this way after several tries of developing a light bulb.  Giving all we’ve got sometimes gets us where we want to go.  Will there be a Debbie or Dick Downer saying you can’t?  Always.  It’s your heart and soul that leads the way, so heed inner advice. 

A well-known saying by Edgar Guest, “I have to live with myself and so I have to be fit for myself to know.” goes a long way in keeping personal focus on target.  So make each day count, by believing in yourself, what you are capable of, and a determination to follow through on what personal importance.

Too many people with disabilities have been marginalized. I am happy to see in 2016 election, the Hillary/Kaine Presidential Ticket is not taking disabled votes for granted.  They mention making changes in support of disabilities more than any other team this far. 

First, recognize self-worth because you are worthy and others should take you seriously.  Whatever can be done for you to feel better about yourself, not for others, but for you, give it a try.  Hope often times brings a positive way of thinking and gives people energy and motivation to make personal improvements.  So check hope barometer to see where you are with this today.

Second, self-love opens up worlds of opportunity by allowing you to see life from more perspectives.  Take a moment to stand back and see many wonderful things about yourself, it opens doors to the heart that can be blocked from brokenness.  So recognize who you are and what you have going for you!

Personal Injury Recovery is often a long and lonely process.  The struggles to regain some of life’s basic abilities often seem as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight.  After a number of rounds of Physical Therapy, Medications, Medical Visits, and whatever else it takes to move forward, most injured begin to see results.  By this time, you’ve figured out,  if in the fight of your life with private or public Insurance Companies.  These corporations are experienced and often get most insured on the “ropes” so to speak, leaving many with no place to turn.
Does this feel like a hopeless predicament? Perhaps. These feelings and options can be turned around. First, recognize currently Insurance Companies and Employers may hold the determination of paying out benefits, but they don’t own or control you, unless you let them.  Is life hard without the money needed? Yes it is. Can you survive this season? Yes you can.  Can you fight to get benefits kept by Insurance Companies or employers? Yes you can. Might doesn’t make right in these circumstances, even when money and our legal system does not work for the least of us.  Roll up your sleeves and begin to support Insured Civil Rights Legislation in order to provide protections people involved in Insurance or Employer ERISA Claims need!  Hard times come and go, but tough and determine people stay until the fight is over.

Isn’t it time for the tide to change for Disabled? To be on par with Insurance Companies and Employers is a right, place of fairness, and benefits paid promptly.  Yes, Insured Civil Rights Legislation enacted by Congress is overdue.  However, can we get Congress to do the right thing?  Or has Wall Street got them so tied up in getting re-elected to their post, that they have forgotten why they are in Congress?  Only time will tell, but your vote can be used to change their minds by sending them home if unwilling to do jobs. 

During Personal Injury Recovery it is common to become discourage because of wanting to perform past abilities.  Nothing stays the same, this includes life and capabilities, one must learn how to adapt to change, whether physical, environmental, career, family, and yes, this is another endless list. Change in life is constant and recognizing you must continue to move along with this program helps to acknowledge it is a part of living, and it often forces us to accept change and adapt or get stuck in place.  The former is better.

By choosing to adapt, there are lessons learned and personal growth.  By remaining stuck, needless suffering may be encounter in order to force one to accept new changes.  Therefore, choose wisely whether you go or stay in place. 

Fear can cause us to worry about going forward, it often seems like diving into the deep end of a swimming pool while not knowing how to swim.  This may indeed be part of the adventure in life, things we cannot see, the unknown, sometimes safety and security isn’t in season, fortunately critical thinking is around all the time and we use this to evaluate our condition and choices, and then decide what is in our best interest.  So don’t fear, instead use knowledge and wisdom to make choices which directs to better destination.

One important key to life after disability is Persevere No Matter What! Some roads are smooth, others are rugged, and often they change from one to the other.  Instead of having to deal with same struggles over and over again, stay with one currently troubleshooting until resolve. In this way, it brings you closer to where you want to go and seeing what has been accomplished through the struggle.

Don’t worry, you will find rest and peace along the way. Everyone finds a little quiet time now and then.  It gives time for formulating the next actions and responses.  Remember never give up or in to what you must face.  Ask yourself, what can I learn while in these circumstances? How can I improve my current situation?  Do I need to slow down, speed up, or stay at this level to move through this process? Do I have enough information to make the right decisions?  Most importantly, have I gotten what’s needed to make it until tomorrow? And if unable to get what I need, how can I do without it? Learn to live within all life’s conditions, it will make you appreciate life from a different perspective and keep you strong through life after disability.

Stay safe, well, and determined.  


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Series: Life After Disability

Seattle (ESTRA) - Sometimes in life, you have to go with the flow. This can mean anything from life going very well to bad.  The key in life is to never give up or in, no matter what comes your way.

Policyholders often become vulnerable after a car wreck and this a time where insecurity rears its ugly head.  Why? The reality that vehicles are not always a safety tool and in some instances can only do so much becomes very real when involved in a car accident, especially if injury or death is in involved.

So a collision has changed your life track. Now what? What is life after disability to you?

If like most people injured in a wreck, a lot of time is spent on recovery and trying to ascertain whether insurance companies will pay you on time, so parts of life goes on as usual.  Money is the engine that runs our society, and if there is no oil for your engine, it ceases to run, in other words, no money means more stress, more worries about where life goes from here.  Would some insurance companies use fear as a bargaining tool against vulnerable, end of the month broke, policyholders? In my opinion, some insurers do.

Now that a car accident has come your way, make some very important decisions. Today let’s talk about 3 things that are helpful in regaining life purpose and meaning after a disability:

1.        Be fearless and courageous – The question of what is going to happen often creates a lot of worry and fear.  In order to move from this position, a decision must be made to put fear aside and seek resolutions which help to have a better day.  For example, money or lack of it if a major concern for people who are unable to work after a collision.  And this is a very valid concern. The key question to ask is, what can I do about this today, tomorrow, or into the future?  Ask yourself, are you using money in ways that will help it last as long as possible?  Have you devised a backup plan if running out of money?  How trustworthy is my insurance company in paying out benefit claims to their policyholders? And if they stop without notice, what are the options? Regardless of the concerns that come your way, know this one thing:  You will survive and learn new ways of living and taking care of yourself.  Therefore, be courageous and take the steps necessary to improve conditions, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, because it will take all these actions to keep moving forward and figure out how to open up new paths that bring a renewed hope of a better life from here.

2.        Feel the pain and suffering and still choose what is in your best interest. In my opinion this is the most difficult part of life after disability.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to get through pain and suffering of an injury in most cases. When injuries turned into a permanent disability, self-esteem often takes a blow because previous life speeds may no longer be an option now or into the future.  Comparing ones old self to one’s new self can be very discouraging.  So keep in mind, life is not constant but always changing. If needing a reminder look at a new born baby and compare them to an elderly person.  This is an easy way to see life is constantly changing.  In the prime of life, most people injured cannot see past dreams held within and the plan made for their lives.  Does this mean after injury you have to give up on your dreams? No necessarily.  There is always more than one path to reach any destination. Sometimes there are other doors available, and sometimes it’s time to chart new waters.  Some people have to live with pain and suffering daily, such as with chronic conditions, for others it may be a mental injury which prevents one from having the same aptitude. Fortunately, there are many different ways to compensate for disabilities, especially with technology constantly advancing, so never lose hope, and keep seeking out whatever you need to make life better.

3.        Believe in yourself and release insecurities. Yes you still look good! And if you want to continue looking better, take it one day at a time. Everyone wants something about them changed. The key is self-acceptance, today, tomorrow, and into the future.  The mirror looking into should be from your own soul, not what someone else sees or believes.  This equation is really about you, your hopes and dreams, of choosing to make it from injury or disability back to a life dreamed of by you, for you.  There will be others who will try and create your destiny, but it’s not theirs to decide, it’s for you to decide.  Decide to love yourself right now, today, in fact, give yourself a great big old hug!  Yes, we are all special and gifted in some way, before and after a car accident.  Life after disability only means that a new learning curve has just begun.  The things you never realized before will come into full view.  What you use to think was important may no longer be, and heart felt concerns about you extends to a new group of people you would not have encountered had there been no disability.  Life after disability opens up a whole new world for people injured in a car accident. Take a moment and think about what it has brought into your life. Rarely in life is something taken away without something being put in its place. Take moment today and count your gifts and seek out new ways of using them. 

Stay safe, well, and determined.  - ESTRA

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Handling Bad News

Seattle (ESTRA) - Attacks upon your person hood happen.  Let this be a red flag to you that this person may not be operating on your behalf.  Make a decision to love yourself regardless of your current condition or the attacks that may come your way in attempt to belittle, bring you down, or control outcome after a car accident. Remember the best advocate in this situation is you!
Pain has a way of bringing a great deal of discomfort on its own, and nothing needs to be added. 

Try these three things to help master handling bad news.
1.         Recognize there will always be good and bad news.  Rarely do we see one without the other.  Stay on an even keel so the highs and lows will not take valuable energy needed in your recovery.
2.         Choose to journal bad news.  Then ask decide how you want to handle the situation, and make a plan.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, keep it down to three options, and if you need more, add them after the initial ones have been completed.  Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, after all you are your best advocate.  Take comfort in knowing your actions are and should be proactive.
3.         Seek out comedy relief to lift your spirits through books, entertainment, or whatever provides joy in life.  Balancing happiness and sadness will help bring back a perspective that it’s all a part of life. No matter what is brought our way, we must continue to move on! 

Keep on boxing gloves when dealing with individuals or companies who use oppressive or bullying tactics to get their way.  Often times injured are intimidated into accepting low ball settlement offers, less medical care than they feel is needed, or not getting the financial daily living support. It's common to be sad about being treated this way.  You have a right to be disappointed.  And, you have a right to fight for what you believe has been promised to you.

Handling bad news becomes more manageable when injured have done all you can to stand up for yourself.  No one likes to be bullied.  And if you are, expose this behavior.  When abusive behavior goes on without holding insured accountable, it can be psychologically damaging.  Frankly, people injured in collisions have enough problems to worry about, therefore, don’t allow others to add more burdens when already too heavy.

So, keep things simple.  Don’t be held captive to bad news.  Face it head on.  Challenge it in a way that helps to bring peace of mind.  When bad news knows it will not allowed to build up inside and explode, that you are willing to deal with whatever concerns come your way, the pain may still keep you up at night, but handling bad news will come a lot easier.  

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Social Security Disability Surveillance I

What is one of the best hidden secrets of Social Security Disability Surveillance?  Who works with them? What are their tactics?  How will you be impacted today?

Social Security Disability Program was initially designed to help low and middle income individuals from having to live out a life in dire poverty after some calamity.  This program was fought against by the Republican Party for years.  But just as the Affordable Care Act after decades of their blockage, the needs of most of the American People beat out the needs and desires of Wall Street.

And what happened once Social Security Disability was approved?  The lives of people injured in car accidents who became disabled lifestyles did drop from originals levels to poverty levels as is today, but not completely hopeless. 

Once citizens saw the value of the Social Security Administration Programs, those opposing it realize the citizens became a force to reckon with, and today the strategy to get rid of these Social Security Programs tend not to be straight forward but back door tactics that do tend to hurt those recipients who depend on them for a better quality of life.

Because some Republicans and a few Democrats would prefer to see the demise of these programs, actions today continue that cut benefits, harass, and intimidate those participating, and yes, this is another long list.  

Republican House Representative Sam Graves of Missouri has Bill H.R. 3482 which has a mission to cut disabled off Social Security Disability (SSDI) through surveillance.  The bill authorizes over 54 units within Inner Cities to investigate those on SSDI and SSI.  One thing I didn’t notice in this bill is cost of these new 54 surveillance units and current contracts to private companies designing these buildings.
Wall Street has long wanted to privatize Social Security Income to their benefit and recipient's demise.  Will this be another apocalypse attempt of Social Security Disability? Only if those served by programs don’t get involved in process.  By keeping alert on the actions and behaviors of Wall Street, standing up against Social Security Administration actions on Wall Street's behalf and not the insured. 

In my opinion, there is a difference between how Social Security Disability responds to their insured when there is a Democratic versus Republican Congress. When Democratic legislations are being put forward, there is compassion to aid in recovery of disabled, to make their lives better, to invest in the help required to get as many individuals back on their feet and leading a more rewarding life.  There is recognition that the road to recovery in most cases is a long hard one, but a road well-traveled for the taste of victory.  The struggles of most disabled can make life hopeless unless light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.  Compassion and guidance can move the disabled a long way to a better future.

Yet this Republican Congress is taking a totally different approach.  Instead of investing in a group of hurting, limited skills and resources in many cases, they choose to put individuals under surveillance in hopes of eliminating their insurance claim.  Does Wall Street need the money from Social Security Income that bad?  Has the recession caused such a loss for them they came looking at the least of us? Really?

There was a time in our society people looked down on people on disability because they felt their lives were so much better.  Has our economy fallen so far due to the unscrupulous behaviors of Wall Street that Social Security Disability Income looks good? Really? How can poverty in any country look good to anyone?  Ask those receiving Social Security Disability Income and they will tell you that most struggle daily just trying to make ends meet. 

Is this just? Especially due to Congress allowing Employers not to pay their fair share to Employees?  For if Employers paid out Disability to Employees along with Social Security Disability for many there would be far less hardships. 

But instead this Congress has decided it is better to take from a group of people, who have little to start with and spend their days suffering through their disabilities.  Is this the type of Congress that should be representing you? Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Sanders don’t think so from their comments.  They see your needs and hurts.  They acknowledge what is being done to those on Social Security and acknowledge much more help is required.  This Republican Congress refused to give cost of living increases to those on Social Security last year, but gave their staff and themselves raises.  What is wrong with these people?  Do they think we are blind and cannot see?  Do they truly believe in their heart we are second class citizens? Or that we will not stand up and be counted?  I beg to differ! Standing up is what people involved in Social Security Administration Programs must do, otherwise one day, these tactics to cuts, reduce, and discourage those who have a right to these benefits may put an end to this system of support.
Isn’t this what harassment and intimidation is all about? Making you fearful? Forcing disabled to live with lack instead of asking for help?  Isn't the purpose of harassment and intimidation to make you feel bad about need help even though you have been paying premiums into these programs through working?

Wall Street greed factors should not play a role with those who often give more to them than they deserve.  And people who are disabled should not be mistreated and taken advantage of because they feel bad about their circumstances.  Social Security Disability Surveillance is often performed on individuals with few resources, little power, with hardly a voice against an organization with vast Community, State, and Federal Resources to use at will appropriate or inappropriately.  For people seeking the assistance of the Social Security Administration, far removed from their consciousness are the types of behaviors subjected to by this organization performing surveillance upon their daily lives for the benefit of Wall Street.

In Maryland, there is an office that primarily works with surveillance of SSDI and SSI Recipients. However, if you ask them they probably will not tell about their process or confirm this action.  In fact, the Social Security Administration has the legal right not to tell you or anyone else for that matter about their behaviors.  Who would have approved of such a law and why hasn’t this one been revisited?  What will really get you going is another part of the law Congress wants to pass.  If Employer will pay Disability Income and you no longer apply for Social Security Disability, corporations will get more subsidies to add to the vast number already provided. For years, our government has been paying the cost for private companies, whether this is giving out Food Stamps instead of companies paying a decent wage, health care benefits that they pass on to Medicare instead of paying for their own retirees, or disability income they pass on to Social Security Disability.  And they talk about the Low and Middle Class people not paying their fair share.  Really?  And who allows them to get away with this lack of payments to Employees?  Congress. Yes Congress.  The one at the top of the food chain is getting their chain yanked by Wall Street.  And the people at the bottom are chasing their tales around in a circle.  Who really needs the surveillance? I suspect it’s not the disabled on Social Security Disability. 

Knowing what to expect when dealing with disability surveillance, whether it be Social Security, Insurance Companies, or Employers, has one major realization:  In most cases they are working together without your knowledge.  Add Police Departments along with Investigative Companies against the disabled and considering most injured are broke, it’s a lot to bear alone.

Who would put such a burden on people who are already weary?  Those whose self-interest exceeds that of 20% of the country.  Here is a list of behavior you can expect from those performing surveillance:
1)        Moving into your neighborhood, talking with neighbors and recruiting them, spotting entrances and exits from your location, who you associate with, where you go regularly, what kind of activities you perform.
2)        Getting information from those who treat your conditions, attempt to convince them condition is not that serious, try to get you to talk with undercover personnel to say something inappropriate, or do something you’ve stated on your forms that you cannot physically or mentally perform.
3)        Come out into the open (overt behaviors) in an attempt to scare you, to do something that would hurt claim and force you to do what they want. Most people injured in car accidents have been traumatized from this event, therefore, harasser's bullying tactics are used to scare you while driving to cause a mistake that is harmful.
4)        Cut off benefits and let you sweat. This tactics is used to get you to sign documents otherwise unwilling.
5)        Online harassment and intimidation through social media accounts, search engines, tweet, reply, or create false items to harass and intimidate, and hack your online accounts.
6)        Hack your smartphone, laptop (even stealing it to see if there is information that can be used against you), desktop, tablet, whatever electronic device available.
7)        And, believe me, this is another endless list, there will be much more detail coming in the future. 

However, leaving you with all this bad news wouldn’t be good so let’s end this on a good note.  First, behavior is inappropriate and places a burden on the disabled which is not needed, life is hard enough.  After facing so much mistreatment, you will get a lot smarter. Trusting others may no longer be a priority after being bullied and abused in some ways.  And you may not be as giving to others as once were, but you will begin to recognize human behavior in ways never encountered before, and learn how to stand up for yourself and others.

Sometimes you don’t know what made of until pushed. In the words of Muhmmad Ali,  “I will not be broken.”. I suggest in this case you follow in his footsteps.

Stay safe, well, and determined.

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