Monday, February 6, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 9

Seattle (ESTRA) - Once you make up your mind to expose derogatory behavior, show what is being done by Insurer Harassers, your way and in you time.  Don’t let them push you around forcing you to do things on Insurer Harasser Timetables. They know you are injured, disabled, and often traumatized.  Often Insurer Harassers torture tactics includes drivers in large numbers to cause suffering to Injured. They recognize from repeated bullying the harm it inflicts on those with car collision memories.

Therefore, you must know yourself better than anyone so you identify how, why, and their purpose.  In this way, your mind can process their behaviors and respond accordingly to protect self.

Self-protection is vital when dealing with Insurer Harassment and Intimidation.  Accomplishing daily activities when recovering in most cases means moving slower than usual. Now add bullies attempting to slow you down further can mean progress at turtle speed. Therefore, be patient with yourself and determine to move pass actions of those without your best intentions. 

Can you be overwhelmed on a good or bad day by bullying?  Only if not focusing on what is important in your life. Recognized Insurer Harassment purpose is to distract, disorganized, retaliate, intimidate, in order to force compromising positions.  Their Employer only wins when you give up and don’t speak out about bad behaviors.
When silent while being abused, this demonstrates tactics will work on other Insurance Policyholders, and will allow them to keep premiums paid by all Insured.  This is why anytime Benefits or Settlements are delay, denied, or something in between, speak out about it with others. Let them know Insurance Company with may not treat Insured well when need them most.  In this way, people will think twice before considering them to be their Insurer.  We can make a difference where we place our money.  

Currently with Insurance Company that may not be working in your interest? Consider switching to another company. However, do homework on another Insurer so not jumping from one bad actor to another.  Choose the time that is best for you.  Making better decisions matter when dealing with getting support when needed.

Insurance Commissioners in your State may work more for Insurance Companies or Insurance Policyholders, or have an even hand when parching out justice. They key is reviewing their records to evaluate whether they can and will help claim.  You can always file a claim with them against Insurance Companies.  Will this help you? It’s hard to say. Some are intermediaries to gather information for Insurer and some just don’t have enough real power to provide relief. 

Regardless of Insurance Commissioner abilities to help with Insurer situations, you still have a voice and options. Use voice and talents to aid Insurance Civil Rights Legislation to become a reality so whatever Insurer Harassers have done to you, the chances of them doing the same things to another Insurance Policyholder will be reduced or eliminated.  Policyholders should have equal rights as Insurance Companies, especially when Insurers are the ones paying out for services. 

Join me, ESTRA, today.

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