Friday, February 3, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 8

ESTRA (Seattle) - Shaming, bullying, intimidation, and harassment tactics of Insurers are out in the open. Whether online, in public, or anywhere will no longer be ignored. The Insured are empowered to stand up for rights that have always belongs to them.

You, the Insured are empowered just by knowing this is a common tactic against people involved in car collisions.  No, you are not going crazy. Those little things you are noticing are Insurer Harassers going in and out of your car.  In fact, they may be able to lock you out of your own car until they know you are getting in. 

There are several things you will begin to notice, sometimes gradually sometimes instantaneous depending on level of observations.  Personally, I was a very late bloomer. I was so dense Insurer Harassers would actually have to get up in my face, lean over and watch me take medication, peek at me while urinating, parking in front of house, and wrecking my vehicles. I was truly asleep. Many of their behaviors were far from my frame of references. Normal people are not as abusive as these people.

Yet, when I woke up, and I mean literally, I woke up. I began to document their behaviors through videos, pictures, writing, podcasting, and this is another endless list.  I’ve never seen a group of corporations which will stoop to the lowest levels of blocking information online or in public in order to hide their dirty deeds. 

Once you make up your mind to expose derogatory behavior, show what is being done by Insurer Harassers, your way and in you time.  Don’t let them push you around forcing you to do thing on Insurer Harasser Timetables. They know you are injured, disabled, and often traumatized.  Often Insurer Harassers will use torture tactics using vehicles typically with large numbers of Intimidators to cause suffering to Injured. They recognize from repeated bullying the harm it inflicts on those with car collision memories.  Therefore, you must know yourself better than anyone, so that you identify how, why, and their purpose.  In this way, your mind can process their behaviors and respond accordingly to protect yourself. 

Here are some important points to remember:

1)    Police often work with/for Insurance Companies, Employers, Social Security, or Insurer and not to protect you the Insured.
2)    Covert Surveillance is when they are supposed to be keeping a low profile but monitoring you.  Yet often there will be an uneasiness of something is not right while doing daily activities. It’s like your senses is saying something is wrong.
3)    Overt Surveillance means they are trying to stress you out in some way in order to get you to do something foolish, to eliminate your claims.  Don’t fall for their games.  Just be yourself and don’t trust those strangers they send up to you. They will also attempt to befriend and take advantage of you in order to create shame.  Being human unlike many of these characters doesn’t transform you. This just demonstrates their levels of deviancy and depravity.
4)    You are injured, disabled, or traumatized from a car accident. Life sometimes happens to you, not you happening to life. Continue to recover physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. Stand up for yourself no matter what Insurer Harassers throw your way.  Fight. Fight for your rights for Benefits, Settlements, and whatever has been or is yours.  They don’t have the right to go back on their promises to you, or do things that harm you for the sake of keeping money that doesn’t belong to them. 

Join me, ESTRA, today.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

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