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Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 10

Seattle (ESTRA) - Regardless of Insurance Commissioner abilities to help with Insurer situations, you still have a voice and options. Use voice and talents to aid Insurance Civil Rights Legislation to become a reality so whatever Insurer Harassers have done to you, the chances of them doing the same things to another Insurance Policyholder will be reduced or eliminated.  Policyholders should have equal rights as Insurance Companies, especially when Insured are the ones paying out for services. 

Disability Counter Surveillance means fighting back against mistreatment and abuse.  Once targeted by Insurance Companies, Employers, Social Security Disability, or any other Corporation, intimidation and harassment become the norm for many Policyholders for months or years to come. Exposing behaviors helps to understand tactics used to wear Insured down, and also become a tool of self-protections.  Once you can see how manipulation works, the less opportunity to become a victim of these Wall Street Crimes against Insured from my perspective.  Whenever Injured or Disabled are subject to pressure from a single or multiple teams of Insurer Harassers, most see this as being outnumber, bullied, out funded and out resourced.  Yet Insured have a voice, a story about what has been done to them, and support.  As a group of individuals subject to Disability Surveillance voices becomes loud and clear about tactics and the impact of delays, denials, non-payment of benefits or settlements, surveillance, along with harassment and intimidation against Policyholders.

Many Insured don’t realize they may be next victims of this type of abuse.  If you are a target, it’s important to know you can stand up against their abuse.

First, recognize in many of these harassers are not Licensed Investigators and do not have the right to bully or follow Insured.  When Police come around these harassers tend to make a quick exit.  Those who work with Police when stopped for speeding or some other violation, tend to be stopped and release without a ticket.  Watch their behavior with each other and Law Enforcement. 

If Insurer Harassers live in same community or involved Neighborhood Watch programs, the chance of running into Insurer Harassers around town is possible, be sure to document this information.  Often after learning of these places, they shut down, especially after taking pictures of them.  Initially, it may be difficult to figure reasons for their actions or behaviors, yet over time things will become clearer.  What is important is to document situations with Insurer Harassers.

Insured tools to protect against Surveillance:

1.    Alter your routine is the most important. In most cases Insurers have followed you around for quite some time and know the places you like to go regularly.

2.    Keep hand held cameras and also use cellphone.  Documentation is very important to show their behaviors. Like I said this can be for a days or years. Digital Cameras can save you plenty of money if this goes on for sometimes.

3.    Don’t let them pressure you into doing what they want.  The purpose of this action is to catch you in compromising positions, attempt to hurt self-esteem, or make it hard to complete your task or talk about their actions.

4.    Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with the public.  One of the best tactics is to keep Insured quiet. To silent your voice, to keep abuses hidden so Policyholders are not aware of things they do after filing Insurance Claims. Please speak out and stop them. Your voice is important.  You have a right to be treated with respect and dignity, especially from those who are supposed to help you get though Insurance Claim Process.

5.    Relax, recover, and think about what is best for you and don’t back down.  It’s important for Insurer Harassers to know that you have no intention to back down, that you will stand up for your rights and others.  This is what Insured Civil Rights Legislation is all about, to protect the interest of Policyholders after filing Insurance Claims whether with a public or private corporation. 

6.    This includes choosing to file a lawsuit to expose what has happened to you.  Far too many are hidden and people don’t know they can file a claim themselves.  Yes corporations have more money and power in the Justice System.  But your story will be there in history.  And eventually the more people who choose to stand and fight, the more Judges will be unable to ignore what is written in the Declarations of people Injured or Disabled in car accidents, and change the precedence of business as usual, which means money and power command currently in our Justice Systems.  Money cannot be the force that continues to drive our State and Federal Court Systems against average Citizens.  Policyholders telling what is happening to them will make a difference.

7.    Think on things to laugh about each day. Stay hopeful. Keep fighting, and never give up or in.  It may be a challenge today, but a victory tomorrow.  Policyholders pay premiums for protections not for the wealth of Wall Street.

As a last note, don’t be intimidated with Insurers speaking out about Insurer Fraud.  It’s the same as Voter Fraud. It’s rare, who would want to deal with these greedy people? It’s a way to bully Insured and make them afraid to fight back. Don’t be intimidated in this way stand up for what is yours and many other Policyholders after a car wreck.  You paid premiums, they should pay benefits. Period.

Join me, ESTRA, today.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

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