Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 7

ESTRA (Seattle) - Disability Surveillance Targets gaining knowledge will help get back on track for living with creativity, hope, and a future of promise after Insurer abuses. The sooner people join in to make Insured Civil Rights Legislation a reality, the sooner more injured and disabled people receive help promised by Insurers.

Today we recognize that inaction that prevents progress.  Our life depends on our ability to stand up in the midst of darkness, struggle, or defiance.  Our hearts and mind often lead the way against fighting wrong doing and deceit by those in power who would choose to do us harm keeping resources and funding that would make life better for Insured.  Many times Disability Surveillance is one of the tools used to instill fear in hearts of those who would choose to stand against oppressors. 

Regardless of trials and tribulation which are a part of life, standing up and exposing the conditions of injured and disabled are required. This brings change through awareness of Car Accident Victims plight. This restores respect and hope in the lives of those being abused.  

As we stand together in our array of shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs we send a strong signal that we are together. And refuse to be sent back in time, be discriminated against, be subjected to institutional biases, be bullied into releasing insured interest, or allow white privilege to move people of all races and colors including our white parts to be excluded from receiving Insurance Claim Benefits, Settlements, or any other Legal or Constitutional Rights. 

All around the world today we have organized to say, “No more mistreatment or unfairness, enough.”  The Women’s March has unleashed the concerns in a way that is allowing our voices to be heard together aiding in a better outcome.  

The constant interruptions of President Trump’s Election Orders with Republican Congress stronghold for the last eight years to implement personal agendas, have set off American Citizens to new heights. 

The fight has begun and will only end when The Power is return back into the hands of The People.  This includes the passing of Insured Civil Rights Legislation which protects people hurt every day in Car Accidents by making Insurance Companies accountable for paying the injured and disabled. 

Shaming, bullying, intimidation, and harassment tactics of Insurers are out in the open. Whether online, in public, or anywhere will no longer be ignored. The Insured are empowered to stand up for rights that have always belongs to them.

Join me, ESTRA, today.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


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