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Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 6

Disability Surveillance Targets - Day 6

ESTRA (Seattle) - Disability Surveillance Targets Readings with ESTRA exposes surveillance actions, helps to eliminate fears of Injured and Disabled, along with providing support for families members who watch intimidation of loves ones in shock often wondering where to turn. Police are on the wrong side with injured facing Disability Surveillance. Law Enforcement tends to be on the side of Corporations, keeping their wealth safe and protected at the expense of everyday citizens.

One of Insurers favorite tools to use against Insured is discouragement.  This comes in the forms of making life more difficult by keeping benefits which causes financial hardships.  Another tactic of discouragement is to convince injured that Insurers have upper hand and there is nothing Insured can do about harassment. You are doing something about it when resisting and deciding to move forward with own agenda. Insurer’s purpose is to keep injured off balance.  Don’t choose this option. At the end of the day, satisfactions come from doing your best, not worse, which Insurers would prefer. 

Third, daily bullying to reinforce this belief of having upper hand but don’t fall for this game. It’s what you do daily that matters. It’s not necessary to react to bullying, keep your eyes on personal goals.  

Fourth, pain itself can be depressing especially if chronic in nature because of the amount of energy it takes on a regular basis.  Recognize drawbacks of chronic pain and manage emotional sadness if an issue. Get additional help if needed by a physician. 

And fifth, another tactic is finding ammunition to use against those close to you in hopes that they will turn on you or you on them. Relationships are far too valuable to allow deception to ruin them. Protect and cherish bonds if at all possible. 

What is the one tool to use against all these discouragement tactics? Hope. Yes hope keeps head held high.  Hope prevents giving into harassment, intimidation, or bullying Insurer pulls out of their pocket of tricks. Remember, this is about your life, your recovery from injury and/or disability.  Don’t ever believe you must be down trodden.  Life is too short for this. Whether able or disabled life is about discovery and determination to make dreams a reality regardless of what may be faced. 

Don’t give up or in to an uphill climb in life.  Take a look at the circumstances make a list of tools required to be successful in climb, then go over, around, or through hill.  The satisfaction of overcoming struggles from lessons learned along with added arsenals in toolbox that will help face new obstacles. 

The knowledge will help get back on track for living with creativity, hope, and a future of promise. The sooner people join in to make Insured Civil Rights Legislation a reality, the sooner more injured and disabled people receive the help promised by Insurers.

This is why it’s important to stand up and support people involved in car accidents. Today or tomorrow, this fight just might be yours after car wreck. 
Join me, ESTRA, today.

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