Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 12

Seattle (ESTRA) - How do you beat Insurer Harassers?  Succeed! Yes Succeed.  Life can and will get better as long as you don’t give up.  Next get in line with Policyholders who want to stand up against the Insurer Abuse, and put Politicians out of government who refused to help.  

Why should those in government who refuse to protect and aid Insurance Insurer take a hike? Because supporting constituents is part of their job: Citizens have been hurting for decades by Insurance Lobbyist working with many Politicians who fill their coffers in order to be re-elected.  What this has caused is suffering, humiliation, losses financially and emotionally. 

Can you imagine the millions of people who would be in a better place today had Insured Civil Rights Legislation been passed by Congress decades ago?  How many families with people injured and/or disabled via car wrecks would be in a better position today?  When Benefits and Settlements are paid, Policyholders can pay for medical, living expenses, or personal concerns with less difficulty. The injured can spend more time on recovery than fighting with multiple Insurers about receiving money they thought would automatically be received.

So how can you succeed when you’ve been done wrong by Auto Insurance, Employer ERISA, Short or Long-Tem Policies, or Social Security Disability? Select an incremental process that you can do on your own.  No money? Common. Gain help from local community organization if available.  Figure out ways to stretch out what you have for a bit longer.  Your ends may not necessarily meet, but if help can be found to fill those shortage spots, life may be hard, but you can make it until things do get better and they will. 

It’s ok to be sad about current condition.  Pain and suffering typically make a bad place worse. Yet keep your head held high, send me an email: You don’t have to go through this alone.  Two heads are better than one.  Brainstorming ideas for support can help to get through rough times. As said before, there are millions of Policyholders with great minds and tools that help get through problems.  

Whether it’s been one week, one year, or 10 years, there is a lot to learn from each other in order to make life better.  By coming out from the closet about how you’ve been treated by Insurers allows others to recognize there is hope.  You can get through Insurance Claim Process by understanding what to expect.  This gives rise to using your voice.  You voice has meaning and value.  Many are waiting to hear it and learn from your experiences rather than go through it themselves. It really is one for all and all for one in getting Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed through Congress and protecting each other.  

One day Policyholders will look back and say, “We did it!” We have the Power to be the author of our care and receive benefits promised.  And it will be because we stood together, fought for justice, fought for dignity, and financial help premiums were paid for and received. 

Join me, ESTRA, today.

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