Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 11

Seattle (ESTRA) - Don’t be intimidated with Insurers speaking out about Insurer Fraud.  It’s the same as Voter Fraud. It’s rare, who would want to deal with these greedy people? It’s a way to bully Insured and make them afraid to fight back. Don’t be intimidated in this way stand up for what is yours and many other Policyholders after a car wreck.  You paid premiums, they should pay benefits. Period.

Being a Disability Surveillance Target does not mean giving up or in to harassment, intimidation, and bullying the like you’ve never seen, when dealing with public or private Insurance Companies.  We’ve seen the hold Lobbyist have on our government.  Very little has been done to protect the interest of Policyholders. Insurance Companies have been allowed by diverse laws in each State, along with different approaches by Insurance Commissioners and Attorney Generals to act more as intermediary to protect Insurance Industry rather than actions to be equal under the law for Insured and Insurer. 

Insurance Industry need to be held accountable by passing Federal Laws that supersede State Laws, live Insured Civil Rights Legislation which protect interest of Policyholders injured or disabled in Car Accidents. By applying these rules nationwide there would be less chance of Insurance Companies keeping Benefits or Settlements which belong to Insured.

First, Insurance Industry accountability is a major tool along with exposure of their actions against Insured.  Statistics showing who they are paying or not by race, gender, and income would say a lot about what they have been doing to Main Street.  More importantly, this would give Policyholders knowledge which Insurers use Surveillance Tactics and create Targets out of their Customers.  Therefore Injured and Disabled would have a greater chance to learn which public or private company’s abuses may harm their lives if involved in a car accident and avoid them.

Second, Car Accidents should not mean spending all of your time dealing with bullies.  Their goal is to do the bidding of their employer.  Set personal goals each day and seek to accomplish them depending on your abilities during the day.  Be optimistic. Be encouraged. Stay hopeful and determine to succeed. Yes, you can succeed by following your own personal path. 

Thirdly, recognize that Insurer Harassers resources vastly outweigh what a typical Insured has access to for protection.  Therefore, choose to protect in ways that are available to you.  Don’t spend much time thinking about what you don’t have, use what you’ve got.  Amazingly, there are many things that are free for use or cost very little. 

Can you stop Insurer Harassers from breaking into mail? Breaking into residence? Can you stop them from hacking your computer and smartphone? Stealing passwords and hacking into accounts? Turning on computers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when disabled, disconnected, or turn on when off? Can you stop them from following you around in public places? Getting in face or making long lines? Can you stop them from stalking place of residence? Walking their dogs, children, or fake spouses? Can you stop them from getting Food Servers from messing up food? Messing up orders or under or overcooking food? Can you stop them from running into your car? Then wishing to lie about until they know you have surveillance equipment too! Yes, yes, yes…their deviance has no bounds.  But it doesn’t mean you have to go low with them. Stay above the fray which they create in hopes of making life miserable.  Be as a duck and shake their nonsense off like water.  If an Insurer chooses to spend thousands of dollars in retaliation from exposing what they are doing to Policyholders, so what, not your problem.  That’s their choice.  Your choice is to continue on with life and make it better for you.

Concentration goes a long way in helping to achieve what is important to you!  Love you! Keep you hopeful! Take care of yourself. Because at the end of the day, all Insurer Harassers have done will eventually be exposed by the millions of Policyholders who have suffered at the hand of their abuse. 

How do you beat Insurer Harassers?  Succeed! Yes Succeed.  Life can and will get better as long as you don’t give up.  Next get in line with Policyholders who want to stand up against the abuse, and put those out of government who refused to help. 

Join me, ESTRA, today.

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