Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Disabled Should Vote

Questions To Ponder

Seattle (ESTRA) - Which question is the most important to you? 

  1. Are  Disabled discounted as a non-voting segment of society?
  2. Are Disable are missing out on valuable voting power?
  3. Will Disabled be able to influence public policy that relates to their needs when voices are not heard by politicians?
  4. Have Disabled been convinced of being incapable of making a voting decision that is in their best interest?
  5. Will one of the largest voting bases in America be ignored until there is recognition of  value?
  6. Do you as a disabled or injured person realized major way voice may be heard is through vote not as a victim?
  It's time to take action.  Register and vote in Elections.  And perhaps by voting in local races too this will convince politicians you are indeed valuable and capable of standing up for your rights whether injured, disabled, or whatever conditions arise.

Some Insurance Companies will not do as promise for policyholders such as USAA.  Will yours?

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