Monday, January 23, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 2

ESTRA (Seattle) - Hurt, disillusioned, and broke is where many injured fine themselves. Will this be temporary or permanent? Will any of these Insurance Companies pay benefits or leave injured not made whole like they promised?

As injured attend medical appointments soon it becomes apparent there is a group of individuals always there at the same times. Appointments by these people have been made prior to injured, during, and after with same physicians and others inside same office.  Blood draws are not excluded from their presence.  Restrooms with two or more stalls people in this group often visit with injured. 

How much influence are these insurers gaining with your Physicians or other Medical Services?  Injured are typically clueless about conversations concerning them and what rumors versus truths are discussed. Injured have frequented Healthcare Businesses for years or decades and have kept it real in describing conditions.  Do injured really need these extra hassles at a time when recovery is so important?

Often there is a sense things have changed regarding healthcare and environment with the presence of these individuals representing Insurers. The question becomes why are they there? What is the goal?

Do Insurers have power over Medical Industry because they pay bills for insured? This provides too much power and control to influence of what happens in Healthcare Offices all over the country.  This choice should be returned into the hands of the public.  Money should flow through patient’s hands versus insurers.  In this way, The Healthcare Industry is not under the thumbs of Insurance Companies and allowed to make decision based on health and not wealth of insurers.

Do Insurers look for skeletons in closets? Make threatening demands? Use deviant strategies of entrapment? Whatever Insurers strategies or techniques, it gets a lot of attention by the people chosen to target.

However, not all Targets fall prey to insurers tactics.  Some stand tall and ask questions.  Yet answers are rarely returned.  Is this because Insurance Companies have too much too loose? Insurer hidden agendas exposed? Far too many injured abuse stories?  Insurer vast number of car wrecks themselves which could document actions of intimidation and harassment in full view? 

One thing is for sure, while sitting in Doctor’s Offices Insurers desire to let you know they are here with you become evident by displaying power against injured.  This far reaching non-verbal communication moves attempts to express that insured is powerless against them which is not true. You do have a voice and power. Choose not to give up your voice to them in any circumstances.

At this time, harassment and intimidation is the furthest thing on mind of injured.  What most injured are thinking is restoration of bodies and minds after a collision. Better health and restoring previous life is all important, injury or disability doesn’t create a better life.

Harassment and intimidating against Disability Surveillance Targets creates a tunnel of darkness that must be overcome whether in a Doctor’s Office, a Public Square, or Online.  Car Accident is not of your choosing, although destructive in its design, follow light of hope instead of darkness of Insurers. Hope leads towards a better future by creating positive outcomes.

The injured must be fearless against bullies, with a determination to successfully move life forward.  Is this fight against all odds? Not at all, when the vast millions of injured stand up (or sit down) against greed and power of Insurance Companies who think the way to save money is to harm those they promised to protect, change will come in favor of car accident victims.

Continue to get help for healthcare you need. Don’t allow conditions to worsen because of bullying tactics to prevail in keeping settlements and benefits that don’t belong to insurers.

Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. 

Let’s join together starting today

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

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