Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets – Day 3

ESTRA (Seattle) - Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. How? By each individual who’s been preyed upon after filing Auto Insurance, ERISA, LTD, and Social Security Claims join me, ESTRA to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation. This will end Insurers ability to keep benefits and settlements by making Insured Disability Surveillance Targets.

By ending Insurers ability to harass and intimidated Insured for years in hopes of eliminating Insurance Claims is cruel and is stalking.  Most States have stalking laws already in place and should apply to Insurance Industry. 

When Teams of Insurance Surveillance sit at entrances or exits from residence, this is stalking.  When Teams of Insurance Surveillance cross over the line into your driving lane to create panic attacks, this is harassment.  When Teams of Insurance Surveillance try to get Insured into more Car Accidents, this is intimidation.  And, when these Insurance Surveillance Teams kill or injured themselves while bullying insured and their statistics are hidden from public view, this is wrong and unethical.

Why should our populations have to deal with this until giving up on Benefits or Settlements from Insurance Companies? Hacking Insured Devices though Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is unacceptable and abusive.  This is done in order to intrude on the daily lives of injured and attempt to create chaos. More importantly, why has Congress done nothing about this for years? Congress has demonstrated their “Do Nothing” for Main Street and “Everything” for Wall Street. Therefore actions must start with us and moving them out of Congress. Women March this year has the right idea. It’s time for everyday citizens to start running for Local, State, and Federal Political Positions. People not interest in Lobbyist Money to fill their pockets, but truly want to represent “The People”. 

Yes we need people willing to run and support Insured Civil Rights Legislation.  Washington State has been at the forefront for bringing change in Communities. We can kick this off by getting involved this year.  Are you ready? I certainly am.  And if you live in another State, make a decision to stand up there!  Insured Civil Rights Legislation is needed in every State to stop Insured from being Disability Surveillance Targets and help Car Accident Victims. 

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