Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disability Surveillance Targets - Day 1

ESTRA(Seattle) - Auto Insurance Companies, Long-Term Disability Corporations, Employers who’ve taken up being your Insurers for Employee Benefits, along with Social Security Disability make their Insured Disability Surveillance Targets.

First, it starts off with these power houses forcing you to give them the information to help harass and intimidate you. The first application for benefits supplies Insurers with everything about you: Your Social Security Number which will supply a vast amount of information on your life since inception. Yes, it will go back to where born and your parents. All insurers will be able to see where raised in youth and interest. It will go right up to the time of injuries from most recent car collision.  And yes, it will include any past car wrecks.  In fact, the Insurance Industry created an entire Database system to keep track of what they often review about you only companies see.

Yes, they build an entire profile on people injured in car accidents.  But what is the agenda for acquiring everything about you and those you associate with past and present living? The goal is to build a case against Insurance Claim in order not to pay any benefits, especially if a significant payout. 

And what are insured doing while “dark games” are often being played by insurers? The injured spend their time in recovery and trying to live one day at a time.  Life seems to halt after personal injury especially when financial woes begin.  Most injured don’t realize Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability (if you have this Insurance Policy), pay less than the 100% wages to get by each month for most people.  Therefore, injured live daily in physical pain with financial anxiety not far away.  The struggles and hardships now faced have a secret, added problem.  Instead of insured payout, insurers have a preference of keeping money and going back on their promise to car accident victims.

When do injured figure out they have become a target of the Auto Insurance, Long-Term Disability Corporations, Employers, along with Social Security Disability?  Insured thought insurers could be trusted to help them at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Typically when needing help most, when most vulnerable, when little is left to support a life style accustom to each month. 

Hurt, disillusioned, and broke is where many injured fine themselves. Will this be temporary or permanent? Will any of these Insurance Companies pay benefits or leave injured not made whole like they promised?

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