Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 October Car Accident Awareness Month

Surveillance Detection Tips In Month of October

This Year’s Awareness Topic: Disability, SSDI, Insurance Surveillance

Surveillance is performed to harass and intimidate, entrap, or catch car accident victim doing something they are supposed to be unable to do from the Insurance Application injured fill out.  The bottom line is Insurance Companies keeping money they should be paying out to Policyholders. Don't believe the lie surveillance last for only a couple days or so, surveillance can go on for years. The more public believes this type of behavior cannot happen to them, frankly, in my opinion, the greater abuse will become against Insured.

Why? Because Congress currently has approved legislation that protects Insurance Industry and leaves you with only the opportunity to sue against multi-billion dollar companies who've built Legal System in their favor and against you. Take a look and see how many citizens have received justice through our Court Systems. Injured have been failed more than vindicated through our laws.

Consider voting out the old Congress and voting in a new one if they are not helping you, family, friends, or average citizens.  Let them go back home and get jobs with those they have been helping throughout their years in Congress:  Wall Street.  Let’s elect a new Congress willing to objectively review Disability Surveillance and treatment of Insured after Car Wrecks.  When Insurance Companies, Employers, SSDI, and Police can work together against those they are supposed to protect, change is overdue. 

Yes, in surveillance all these organizations and corporations work against you for their one objective:  To keep your settlements and benefits.  Quite frankly, in my opinion, they've gotten good at it and often injured are afraid to come forward and tell their stories. 

Courage must overcome fear if this situation is to change for Insured.  Each one of us must put policyholders as a group more important than individual concerns. Otherwise these giant monopolies will continue to win and hurt us.  Their actions have already demonstrated they do not care about policyholders, for if they did fair care and settlement negotiations would be for all, not just their pockets.

If each citizen stood up against 20 years of wage stagnation would it have gone on for so many years?  Since it is our labor that produced these huge bonuses for them, I seriously doubt it.  It is fear that keeps injured in bondage. How long will you let them continue to delay, deny, or terminate insurance claims that should be paid to you?

Join me as part of 2016 Car Accident Awareness Month by saying we've had enough of Congress, Insurance Lobbyist, Local, and State Governments going along with settlements and benefits not going to Policyholders. Living in poverty at the expense of their greed is unacceptable.

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