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Empowerment: 2016 Car Accident Awareness Month

Disability Surveillance Teams cause more harm through collisions and benefit Insurer Greed. 

ESTRA (Seattle) - Car Accident Information and Education matters to the millions of people involved in collision each year. Gone are the days of sitting in silence worrying about what your rights are and if you have to settle with whatever Insurance Companies, Employer ERISA Plans, Social Security Disability, or others who hold settlements or benefits in their hands,  regardless if it’s not in your best interest. 

Now you can speak up and demand Congress to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation and limit those abuses of power.  Its time to shatter the things corporations can do against insured which leave far too many with their broken promises.

Agree? Then start dialing right now (202) 224 – 3121 and operator will transfer your call to State Congress Man/Woman so you can share collision experience or ask Official to bring Insured Civil Right Legislation to the floor for a vote.  Don’t let another person be denied benefits only because these companies can.  End this by saying, “Enough”.  

Have you been in a car wreck today?  You could be in for the ride of your life with Insurers.  The money they are keeping belongs to you and your family.

What will keep you going while facing struggles? The three things we will talk about today: 

1) Self-Empowerment brings determination to succeed;
2) Recognition of Disability Surveillance brings ability for self-protection against being set up as a target; and
3) Car Accident Awareness means learning what can happen while dealing with Insurers.

"Self-Empowerment brings determination to succeed, means accepting what life brings your way and choose to change, defend, or find a way to keep your purpose."

Acknowledge that people involved in collisions are not always offered the safety net promised by insurers.  In this way, not all your hopes will be placed with a company which may bring disappointment and financial hardships.  You can find support on Talking About You with ESTRA Radio and

Making the decision to get back up if knocked down will help regain focus and develop a plan of action so suffering can be eliminated as soon as possible rather than waiting for insurer help which is not coming.  Regardless of the struggle faced, you are an overcomer, whether it’s a fight for a week or years. Remember this always.

“Recognition of Disability Surveillance brings the ability for self-protection against being set up as a target.”  

Those days of talking with strangers are over.  Think you won’t see that person again? You will if on a Surveillance team trying to get you to say something which strengthens their case or makes you so uncomfortable one would do just about anything to get away from them.  And yes, they may get your neighbors, friends, or even partners involved in their schemes.

How about another alternative? Recognize them by their actions and behaviors.  Decide not to discuss your case with random people who come out of nowhere.  Choose to be your best advocate by learning about the track record of the companies dealing with:  Have they been fair? Have they cheated other insured out of insurance claims? Are they dragging things out for so long to place you in a worse position so they can rack you over the financial coals too?

It’s important to familiarize yourself with baiting tactics used by insurers to turn insured away from their settlements or benefits.  Some of these corporations were in on these creative oppressive tactics that Congress has allowed to go on for generations.

These institutions have the most to gain from your loss therefore do not be surprised to learn several Local, State, and Federal Public and Private Companies may be working together. You will see vehicles of all types on the road and at residence.  Your defeat is their goal and often share information about you.

Congress currently has written laws to support Insurance Companies. Therefore, do not expect much from Attorneys who are paid by Carriers.  Add a Justice System that rarely affords verdicts for the Plaintiff, yet favors Wall Street and stage has been set for your despair, but don’t go done this effectively design road. The best path for insured is often personally designed.  By knowing where you want to go and how to achieve results, provides a better chance of ending up with a future of hope and not despair. 

“Car Accident Awareness means learning what can happen while dealing with Insurers.”

Don’t be intimidated or fearful, it will cloud your judgement and create opportunities for Surveillance Teams.  Don’t let harassers set the stage to set you up. Don’t allow them to make you into whom they want you to be and how to behave for meeting their goals. 

Stand tall and don’t fall for baited tactics.   Choose instead to let the chips fall where they may, especially their behaviors.  Learn to be smart and careful when dealing with Disability Surveillance, their deviance may be something the likes you have never known.  They made you their target, with a hidden agenda, but it doesn’t mean you have to be one. Be yourself. Fight for your settlement or benefits.  This is your right.

-      ESTRA

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