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Summer Series: Life After Disability II

Oh Yes! There is life after Disability, living ain’t over till it’s over. While keeping this in mind, realize there is work for you to do! Whether you, family, friends, or the world.  Everybody has something to give, even after disability, so this is no time to be sleeping on your skills!

Disability doesn’t mean grabbing a doom and gloom outlook.  Your life can be as bright as anyone else. Are you looking up to the light or holding head down into darkness?  This choice you will have to make each day because of a disability.  As long as you get up each morning and give life your best, fulfilling hopes and dreams are one day closer.

If thinking you are the only one who has been told you will never do something again, rethink that thought.  Could this be true? Maybe, but maybe not! Be honest with yourself and dreams. All of us would still be sitting in the dark had Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan, Hiram Maxim felt this way after several tries of developing a light bulb.  Giving all we’ve got sometimes gets us where we want to go.  Will there be a Debbie or Dick Downer saying you can’t?  Always.  It’s your heart and soul that leads the way, so heed inner advice. 

A well-known saying by Edgar Guest, “I have to live with myself and so I have to be fit for myself to know.” goes a long way in keeping personal focus on target.  So make each day count, by believing in yourself, what you are capable of, and a determination to follow through on what personal importance.

Too many people with disabilities have been marginalized. I am happy to see in 2016 election, the Hillary/Kaine Presidential Ticket is not taking disabled votes for granted.  They mention making changes in support of disabilities more than any other team this far. 

First, recognize self-worth because you are worthy and others should take you seriously.  Whatever can be done for you to feel better about yourself, not for others, but for you, give it a try.  Hope often times brings a positive way of thinking and gives people energy and motivation to make personal improvements.  So check hope barometer to see where you are with this today.

Second, self-love opens up worlds of opportunity by allowing you to see life from more perspectives.  Take a moment to stand back and see many wonderful things about yourself, it opens doors to the heart that can be blocked from brokenness.  So recognize who you are and what you have going for you!

Personal Injury Recovery is often a long and lonely process.  The struggles to regain some of life’s basic abilities often seem as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight.  After a number of rounds of Physical Therapy, Medications, Medical Visits, and whatever else it takes to move forward, most injured begin to see results.  By this time, you’ve figured out,  if in the fight of your life with private or public Insurance Companies.  These corporations are experienced and often get most insured on the “ropes” so to speak, leaving many with no place to turn.
Does this feel like a hopeless predicament? Perhaps. These feelings and options can be turned around. First, recognize currently Insurance Companies and Employers may hold the determination of paying out benefits, but they don’t own or control you, unless you let them.  Is life hard without the money needed? Yes it is. Can you survive this season? Yes you can.  Can you fight to get benefits kept by Insurance Companies or employers? Yes you can. Might doesn’t make right in these circumstances, even when money and our legal system does not work for the least of us.  Roll up your sleeves and begin to support Insured Civil Rights Legislation in order to provide protections people involved in Insurance or Employer ERISA Claims need!  Hard times come and go, but tough and determine people stay until the fight is over.

Isn’t it time for the tide to change for Disabled? To be on par with Insurance Companies and Employers is a right, place of fairness, and benefits paid promptly.  Yes, Insured Civil Rights Legislation enacted by Congress is overdue.  However, can we get Congress to do the right thing?  Or has Wall Street got them so tied up in getting re-elected to their post, that they have forgotten why they are in Congress?  Only time will tell, but your vote can be used to change their minds by sending them home if unwilling to do jobs. 

During Personal Injury Recovery it is common to become discourage because of wanting to perform past abilities.  Nothing stays the same, this includes life and capabilities, one must learn how to adapt to change, whether physical, environmental, career, family, and yes, this is another endless list. Change in life is constant and recognizing you must continue to move along with this program helps to acknowledge it is a part of living, and it often forces us to accept change and adapt or get stuck in place.  The former is better.

By choosing to adapt, there are lessons learned and personal growth.  By remaining stuck, needless suffering may be encounter in order to force one to accept new changes.  Therefore, choose wisely whether you go or stay in place. 

Fear can cause us to worry about going forward, it often seems like diving into the deep end of a swimming pool while not knowing how to swim.  This may indeed be part of the adventure in life, things we cannot see, the unknown, sometimes safety and security isn’t in season, fortunately critical thinking is around all the time and we use this to evaluate our condition and choices, and then decide what is in our best interest.  So don’t fear, instead use knowledge and wisdom to make choices which directs to better destination.

One important key to life after disability is Persevere No Matter What! Some roads are smooth, others are rugged, and often they change from one to the other.  Instead of having to deal with same struggles over and over again, stay with one currently troubleshooting until resolve. In this way, it brings you closer to where you want to go and seeing what has been accomplished through the struggle.

Don’t worry, you will find rest and peace along the way. Everyone finds a little quiet time now and then.  It gives time for formulating the next actions and responses.  Remember never give up or in to what you must face.  Ask yourself, what can I learn while in these circumstances? How can I improve my current situation?  Do I need to slow down, speed up, or stay at this level to move through this process? Do I have enough information to make the right decisions?  Most importantly, have I gotten what’s needed to make it until tomorrow? And if unable to get what I need, how can I do without it? Learn to live within all life’s conditions, it will make you appreciate life from a different perspective and keep you strong through life after disability.

Stay safe, well, and determined.  


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