Friday, October 4, 2013

Your Disable Vote Is Important. Use It.

Are You Registered To Vote? 

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Why is your Vote so important?  Because it is the primary way of getting attention for issues you believe in.  By missing this invaluable opportunity, there will be may be no voice for those concerns.  The issues may be neglected and resources placed elsewhere.  Notice how many needs of the injured, sick, and disabled are underfunded or near the end of To-Do List for many politicians.  Will largest minority in the world be ignored? Approximately 26 million votes are difficult to overlook.  Is your vote more valuable than money?  Oh yes, it’s the driving force behind where money goes.  This is why your vote must be cast each year.  Voters holding politicians accountable matters.  Vote those people out that have not operated on your behalf, and see how it will change the political climate.  It gets their attention.  All that is required is your vote in Local, State, and Federal Elections.  Challenge barriers recently put in place hindering voting by district changes to benefits those who may have something to loose.  Yet, all their efforts are futile if you make the decision to vote based on what is best for you and 99% of Americans.

For far too long, needs of the Disabled, Poor, and Middle Class have been ignore, bowing to the needs of the 1/10th of 1 percent of our country, perspectively speaking.  There was a time when religious values kept morality and human decency at levels where a conscious would hold individuals and companies in check.  In my opinion today this has moved to the all mighty dollar. Therefore, it’s time for every U.S. Citizen to exercise their right to vote which determines where our money goes.  This is why polls and influence are sought from 99% of the people.  It would be nice if the effects of lobbyist are constrained by respect, dignity, and being ones brother's or sister's keeper.  Now, this depends on staying alert of country leader’s actions and behaviors. By choosing the direction of our country and helping them to say in office, or move politicians out if hurting those most in need, such as the injured dealing with ERISA, Poor and Ex-Middle Class needing jobs, homes, and food.  Who in American thought hunger would extend for so many people today?  And, Congress has the nerve to cut Food Stamps?  Who are these people? And what do they stand for? 

Disabled people have the right to vote.  A disability does not prevent doing your duty as a citizen.  Knowing what is important provides a vote for things considered valuable.  What does the law says about and how you can prepare to vote in elections? Your vote tells Local, State, & Federal Politicians your needs impacts their election efforts.  By bringing issues such as ERISA Reform, and Group Disability Policies which should be treated the same as Individual Policies by offering fairer treatment options and remedies. This makes a difference in life quality for Disabled.  For decades, Disabled Voters struggle to cast votes as citizens.  A participation which is crucial in electing officials who have a vested interest in the same concerns as those who face daily challenges caused by injury, sickness, disease, poverty, or the injustices now confronting the ex-middle class. Obstructions to voting booths, getting to the polls, and the ability to read voting ballots have remedies for people requiring limited help.  Many states have made these adjustments for some or all of their polls.  Check locations adequacy for needs and if you need additional services, please let them know.  You matter and your vote is important.  If unable to remove barriers, how can you vote? Contact your local state voting agency and share concerns. All citizens deserve respect, dignity, and the ability to cast a vote.  There is much discussion regarding whether people with disability abilities can decide on what and whom to vote.  In my opinion, if you know a candidate chooses to cut benefits, eliminate programs developed for your use, decrease services which improve quality of life, people should be able to cast a vote to protect their interest.   By providing mechanism for people to be informed on the issues and politicians, along with access to vote, our choices in governing will reflect more of our society as whole. Are you being denied the right to vote? Contact the Department of Justice.  "Contact the Voting Section at for general information concerning the Section's activities or to make a complaint concerning a voting matter. You may also use this address to request Voting Section records under the Freedom of Information Act.  If you are making such a request, the phrase "Records request" should appear in the subject line. All mail to the Voting Section must have the full address listed below: Chief, Voting Section, Civil Rights Division, Room 7254 – NWB, Department of Justice,  If you do not vote for direction of country, where will it be in a single decade?

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