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Disability Surveillance After A Car Accident

Is Someone Following You?  Disability Surveillance Happen To People Who Open Auto Insurance Or Long-Term Disability Claims.  


SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Disability Surveillance is like wearing chains around your neck and feet. Making life feel like carrying the world on your shoulders.  This is the plan Auto Insurance, Employer ERISA Planners, Social Security Disability, along with other Insurers would like you to believe. Why? You are hurting and vulnerable. When in such a position, injured and disabled will go along with them thus engaging in own mistreatment.  These strategies to preyed upon people involved in car accident is shocking when having no knowledge of these actions.

 I will tell you the same thing that those before me repeated, which is unfortunately, because their objectives are often different than yours, these Insurers will not be much or any help.  Again, your best advocate through Insurance Claims Process is you, the knowledge within, and determination of personal protection, and others in the same position.  

In fact, and it most cases are realized that Insurers believe Personal Injury Laws are on their side, in particularly because of the contract policyholder’s signed for receiving benefits when offered.  Reading the fine print is important, yet where is our State and Federal Legislative body in all of this?  Who will stand up against abuse of harassment and intimidation due to filing a claim after injury in a car accident?  

Do as those before you think of this as documenting experience that is happening due to filing a claim.  This is really happening to you.  It is very difficult to get mind around this situation or relationship with those Insurers who are supposed to aid in recovery. 

Again, the “why” question continues to surface about the conduct of Insurers.  The answer in my opinion is not that far away, it’s called money.  In many circumstances, this means more for investors and less for the injured, disabled, and sick.  
By acknowledging being a Disability Surveillance Target, you can better prepare, learn how to be best advocate, and protect yourself as much as possible. Be aware of their tactics. Expect little or no privacy.  Typically, they have access to a lot of information, in my opinion, some of it accurate, and some not. 

Remember, they are attempting to build a case against you, so they may be desperate to create or find anything they can. 
Yet, continue rebuilding your life.  They may want to make you a hostage or slave to them, but do not allow it.  Focus on recovery, and go about life the best you can. 
Remember, a car accident has placed you in this position.  Build up a strong Emotional IQ. What this means is being psychologically prepared when things you never imagined occurs.  Attempts will be made to discourage you, create a hopeless atmosphere, attempts to convince Policyholders Insurance Companies have all the power so there is no way to stop them.  These are all tactics to psychologically harm you. Do not believe them. You have much of what they don’t. There are millions of others who can back up your experience with them.

Never give up. This is your life.  And in my opinion, have no ownership of it.  Harassers have no right to mistreat and abuse you, yet they will try. However, continue to focus on renewing mindset and getting well.  Do not engage their behavior, and do not allow them to make you afraid. Document what they say and do. Your determination to succeed will gain momentum through overcoming obstacles. Never turn your will over to Insurers.

Yes, intimidation will be faced even in public bathrooms. Some will look inside the windows of your home.  In fact, harassers will park right in front of where you live. This is why it is important and worthwhile to build up a strong Emotional IQ to confront psychological warfare.

Use a cellphone camera to document experiences.  Both pictures and videos help demonstrates disability surveillance behaviors.  Also remember locations where you see them on their own time.  You may be fortunate to stumble upon some of their routines. Trust and believe in yourself Do not let doubt slip into mind.  There will be many mind games played.  

Yet, be vigilant in being true to yourself. This is one of the main ingredients of making through this journey. I found great comfort in learning how others survive this traumatic experience.  Disability Surveillance is more common than first thought.  By gaining more experience and knowledge, increased abilities to cope with their interference develops, providing tools to respond against harassment and intimidation. 
From my perspective, harassers may request the help of people you may know in order to become more effective in their cause, and supply more pressure to you.  Pay attention and be aware of surroundings.  If noticing changes, you may want to observe and investigate their actions.  Stay true to yourself and do not be lead astray by the actions and behaviors of others. Know that you can and will make it through anything thrown your way. 

You will learn, grow, and think in ways never imagined.   Perhaps innocence will be lost, life perceptions will grow.  Take this bad situation, and find something good in it.  It is there, albeit it can be hard to find.   Make sure to read, listen, or watch my archived and live programs for encouragement and information.  It will help take surveillance one day at a time and provide suggestions of possible solutions to everyday hassles. 

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