Saturday, October 12, 2013

You & Entertainment With A Disability

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Is your life over after a car accident?  Absolutely not.  Do some Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, or Long-Term Disability Carriers attempt to keep you under their thumbs, so to speak through harassment and intimidation?  Do not feel ashamed or guilty because of current health concerns.  Remember, they work for you and not vice versa.  They are supposed to be there to help get you back on track or move to a new future, depending on injuries.  Your life still has value, and part of this value is enjoying life at a comfortable level. Many people have learned to adjust the world in ways, which works for them.  Now, it is time to get creative.

Today people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have decided that indeed this world is made for them too and reaching out of their past comfort zones to seek new adventures enriching life.  Entertainment is an aspect of the journey.  By spending time seeking out new ideas, places, and people, whatever is personal preferences, entertainment brings making life worth living by making fun memories.  

The Americans Disability Act Laws have made it easier for people wanting to be participants in daily public life, to move around easier, and be a contributor to society.  Unfortunately, Congress that has Shut down our Government is also one in the same that refused to sign a treaty which would have added the United States to a list of countries that would have given this opportunities to more disabled people around the globe.  Never the less, by never giving up, each generation makes strides to be inclusive in society.  This includes enjoying the fun things in our cultures.  Some activities are designed for people with injuries or disabilities, or the general populations with accessible buildings and activities.  It is important to recognize this opportunity and take advantage of these possibilities.  Pain and suffering may follow wherever you may go, by adding joy into the mix, one can remember there are also many good things to look forward to and fulfill dreams.

An injury from being in a car accident is no picnic.  The pain and suffering, multiple medical appointments, dealing with Insurance Company and Employers who may delay, deny, harass or intimidate takes a great deal of time, energy, especially when most individuals by this time have few resources.   You may know how to rely on others for assistance, and loss of freedom, employment, and social activities can transform life.

Yet, taking a break from troubles can reinvigorate to a point of being able to handles issues with greater ease.  Sometimes just a weekend get a way can help to restore balance after obstacles.  Taking time to reflect on current condition and direction of future, while relaxing or having fun, even in the midst of discomfort may bring creative ideas forth, which may bring ways to handle current troubles with less stress along with more options.

Many injured people are faced with harassment and intimidation on tip of dealing what trauma from a traffic collision.  Take time for yourself when the opportunity arises.  As long as it can be added as a positive experience, doesn’t add too much additional pain and suffering, therefore creating enjoyable memories, go for it.  Just because you are hurt, there are opportunities to make life better, so take them.  You are the most important person in this equation, and so is your recovery.  Accessible entertainment can bring a joy and laughter into life that may have been lost after injury.  There is another side of pain which is laughter and happiness.  This is found by taking small steps back into a world that brings interesting, exciting, events which allows growth to continue after a car wreck.  You still have a life, so do not give it up for anyone.  Keep dreaming, learning, and finding ways to be entertained.    

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