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You & Daily Planning After A Car Accident

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Personal Injury, Fatigue, Pain and Suffering, consumes time, energy, and expense.  Instead of enjoying life’s pleasures, more days are spent finding ways to ease discomfort.  This also shortens the number of constructive hours to accomplish goals.  Daily Planning can help to gain more control over your time and increase productivity in routines.

When scheduling is accomplished along with items placed for easy retrieval, the efforts required daily are less demanding, allowing for peace, rest, and research into getting better.  Recovery is the most important issue.  A simply designed Weekly Planner provides peace of mind, organized document retrieval, while holding appointment and journal information.  It does not get any easier than this.

A Car Accident Weekly Planner aids in decision making by providing easy documentation of what is happening with your situation, physically, emotionally, financially, and legally, all in one place.  A calendar is an asset in relieving stress when energy is low with many demands your on time, while recovering.  Access to appointment, documentation, to-do-list, along with specialized categories inside a Planner can make it easier to see where you are and where you need to go.

Daily planning helps get more out of every day, especially when injured.  Planners are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to carry.  They can be a big help in staying organized and document experiences. 

Information retrieval is often required and important to do with less effort.  When set up from the start, there is comfort and security in being prepared and informed.  Otherwise, disorganization becomes overwhelming at time filled with confusion.

Determine the best time of day to perform any task.  Sometimes it will be easy to complete, other days the time may need to be extended. 

Recognize current conditions must be respected in order to move forward. Patience is a key component in recovery.  Determine how much help is required to accomplish daily living goals.  A Daily Planner will also help keep up with major milestones in your recovery, along with documenting the journey.  By using a Planner, appointments, journaling of pain levels, along with tips on dealing with general car accident concerns, bring hope and encouragement through the trials and tribulations. 

Realize it will end, nothing goes on forever.  Yet, if dealing with surveillance, they might want you to believe this is the case.  Stand strong through whatever comes your way.  Remember, you didn’t ask to be place in this position, but you can organized, document, and focus on your recovery.  A Daily planner wil can help achieve this goal. 

2014 Car Accident Weekly Planner by ESTRA are currently available.  Make sure to stop anytime during the year if involved in a car accident to pick one up.

Having both my book Car Accident by ESTRA and 2014 Car Accidently Weekly Planner makes organizing, documenting and information retrieval easier.

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  1. Arnold Brame, thanks for your feedback. From my perspective, there are few things more frustrating or difficult than to be injured, in pain, and suffering from a car accident. Now add searching for information or help while not feeling well. This Blog provides support for people wanting to learn more about what to expect, become more equipped to handle this situation, and successfully navigate through this journey.


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