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You & Your Child In Traffic Collision

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --As parents, most adults do whatever is necessary to protect their children.  Even with best intentions, the unexpected can happen.  Parents do not have foresight to see what will happen one minute into future.  Sometimes, with multi-tasking, being single parents, or just living in an economy where families have been stretched to wits ends, in conjunction to financial difficult times, any of these combinations can take their toll.

Now add a car collision which includes not only you, but your children.  In an instant your lives are changed, adding more tribulations.  Where do you go from here?  

Parents typically worry about the daily lives of their children, and take precautions to protect them.  Unfortunately, no one is safe from the unpredictable.  In the news as of late, we have seen this with abductions, bombings, and shooting sprees.  Everyday seems normal, yet it has the opportunity not to be ordinary.  This is more unnerving when it involves children, as I suspect many Sandy Hook Parents can attest.

Now your family is dealing with personal injuries from a car accident, and many parents feel worse if it turns out to be their fault for collision.  First, realize accidents happen daily, on an average around 1000+ people in a single day.  Blame does nothing but add more problems to a very difficult situations.  Although individuals process grief differently, support through this process can make healing possible.  Sometimes, we may not understand behaviors people display while grieving, yet, support and understanding through hardships can be like a soothing ointment to their souls.

However, violence or abuse of any kind is not acceptable.  If this happens to you, call 911 and get away from this situation.  No one deserves to be harassed, intimidated, or abused, regardless of the circumstances.  Every person deserves respect.  So recognize this is not a privilege, but a right for all peoples.  Taking care of you is very important.

If this abuse comes from people in power, help may not be available.  In this case, document circumstances as much as possible.  There will come a time and place where experiences become known.  Until then, use caution and protect yourself as much as possible.

By sharing some of your concerns with your children at a level they can understand, this will help them to open up and share with you.  Make sure children are examined by a physician thoroughly.  Sometimes, it is taken for granted that children’s injuries are not as serious.  In my opinion, this is important to communicate with your child on a level that helps them to express their concerns and conditions. If you find it difficult or need help, realize that counseling is an option for both of you.  There is nothing wrong with needing a little help.  Remember the goal is a complete recovery.  And, making sure your child can move past this event is crucial to their future.

If you have friends or family to provide assistance on occasion, this may help speed up recovery If not, try to schedule activities so not overwhelming, allowing for rest between tasks.  Remember, you are recovering too and need rest.  Perceptively, managing things well also benefits your children.  Things may not always go well.  Be patient and continue to make the best of a difficult situation.  When needing resources seek out assistance.  There is no shame in asking for help.  In fact, in my opinion, it shows internal strength and fortitude.

Make sure to check Insurance Policy regarding children and State Laws that apply.  The key is to pace yourself.  Your family will get through this.  Stay as supportive of each other as possible.  Be patient and caring of each other, and realize this situation could happen to anyone.

By keeping your family's concerns first, in my opinion, it will help keep both of you and children moving towards recovery.  Furthermore, ESTRAsBlogTips on Blogger, Talking About You with ESTRA on Blog Talk Radio, and ESTRATV on Youtube under estrasblog is available as a resource.  In addition, Car Accident by ESTRA can be purchase here on this page today.

From my perspective, one cannot anticipate the unexpected.  By doing all you can to move forward through obstacles, staying hopeful, not giving up when facing adversity, thus, through this journey, you will indeed find your way towards recovery.

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