Friday, May 24, 2013

You & Fatigue: Finding Energy

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Summer is soon approaching, and with our climate temperatures rising, more than likely, there will be very hot days.  Yet, with a lack of energy or fatigue, it is difficult to enjoy the sun.  One of the most important things to determine why there is a lack of energy.  I hope the reason for condition is diagnosed with possible options recommended. 

Many individuals in car accidents encounter fatigue or a lack of energy, but large percentages of people in the workforce also face fatigue issues.  In fact, people too tired who drive have a higher risk for being in a car accident.  The government has a name for it, called Driver’s Fatigue.

Fortunately, many people are working on solving this issue, for decades.  There are options to improve energy levels.  Some take a naturopathic approach, while others try traditional medicines, exercise, and vitamins, along with additional creative ideas.  Regardless of the road travel, be willing to switch paths if necessary for continued improvements.  In my opinion, it is really one-step at a time, improvement upon improvement.

Take a moment and evaluate how much of day is spent fatigued?  Are there specific times of day?  How long does it last?  Have you found ways to reduce it?  Just tracking levels of fatigue can give an idea of how it’s impacting your life, and perhaps ways to work around it, or replenish yourself.  Are energy drain levels due to chronic pain or other issues? Try to narrow it down.  Sometimes doing your own research or seeking out professional help may provide relieve

Is burning the “You” candle at both ends an issue?  In other words, are you doing too much?  Is life bringing much trouble your way?  Learning new coping skills can reduce stress levels.  Is there any way to cut back on responsibilities or activities?  Can they be spaced out more?  Perhaps the cause is experiencing chronic pain along with fatigue.  Learning the reasons can help seek out specific treatment.

Furthermore, if eating patterns can be improved, how about a change in diet?  Eating a reasonable amount of food in its natural states, where not processed beyond recognition, provides nutrition.  In my opinion, currently, many foods are no longer having natural properties due to processing, which may make it more difficult to process and receive nutrients.

Get to know your body, mind, and spirit.  Do whatever you can to promote a healthier whole person.  Perhaps this right combination can provide more energy and time to do the things enjoyed most.

Time and energy are two things that are difficult to get back, therefore, take every opportunity to restore them to a level where you are living life to the fullest. 

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