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You & Joy After A Traffic Collision

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Spending time in the land of pain and suffering brings a greater appreciation of laughter and joy. Yet, how can you keep happiness in your heart, when in a body of hurt?  The trauma experienced through a car collision can reach right into your soul. 

Has a Car Accident turned your life upside down?  Is this a time of wondering if the previous joys of life will return?  Will life ever return to normal?  Sometimes a way of life is restored, at other times one must embrace a new way of living.  Wherever this journey takes you, regardless if in the midst of pain and suffering, there still is a place for joy in life.  Many do not take comfort in knowing some people today did not survive a traffic collision.  This alone can be a start for joy, a thankfulness for the opportunity of living another day with an appreciation for current abilities, and the chance to use them. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, embrace all of you.  Love yourself.  You are valued, whether abled or disabled.  There is joy inside each person, being in search of it, requires a willingness to address matters of the heart and soul. 

Putting joy back into life after a car accident takes work.  One has to make the decision to stay optimistic, even in times of great pain or great loss.  It must be a time to view ones situations as temporary, not a place to stay forever.  Moreover, it is a season of new experiences not viewed in every day casual living. 

Sometimes it is through struggles and determination does personal growth takes place.  It would be nice if learned in some other way, but typically in most cases this is not possible.  For example, compassion and empathy for what others go through is often learn by living through personal hardships.  It may change perceptions on how people get there, what they do while there, and the best ways to help people in this situation. 

Car Accidents may cause a wide range of hardships, depending on the injury and its impact on life.  You may need to learn to walk or talk again, may no longer have the use of a limb, or a wide range of injuries.  In some cases, an illness can place you in the same predicament.  One may become dependent on others, lose the ability to work, perhaps loss of income, or spend a great deal of time working to regain things lost. 

Whatever one’s plight, there still is joy to be found.  Really it is.  The item most valuable you still have, life ,which means the ability to set goals and reach dreams, to visit with family and friends, and the opportunity to do things you may have never realize possible, had it not been for this predicament.  That fact you are still here, consider it a gift, a chance to realize just how precious life is, and make the most of it.
What can learned from this?  Has there been growth physically, spiritually, or emotionally?  Now have others benefited by wisdom gained from these experiences?  Have you taken sour situations, added a bit of sugar by being thankful for what one can do, and make sweet lemonade from it?  This is a wise decision to take things in life that attempt to bring misery, and accept it as a challenge to make life better instead. 

Many people today realize things they can live without because of the current economy, and the greed of a few.  Yet, has your perspective of what is important changed?  Is it important to have brand new devices?  Are you able to live without many of those items seen every day in commercials?  Do you really miss keeping up with the “Joneses”?  Are the Jones’ really happy?  Statistics show the wealthy are not anymore happy than the rest of us.

Stop for a moment and look to see what is important.  I mean without hype, as healing, reconnect with yourself and determine what truly brings joy.  What makes life valuable to you?  What is it you want to give to society, regardless of being abled or disabled?  What exactly can you do?  What challenges are you willing to face in order to make it a reality?  What sacrifices are you willing to make?  Figure out what exactly you want, then make a conscious decision to pursue it.  Let nothing or no one stop you.  Yes, it will required learning new things.  Nevertheless, the reward will be great.  Because it will be, your dreams and it will be your actions that make it a reality.  Not all dreams are easy to come by, and not all dreams are realized.  The learning that comes from pursuing dreams will be joy, a type typically unknown.  A journey that will make live worth living, give you a peace beyond the understanding of most.  An encouragement to analytically evaluate what people say and do rather than following a crowd that may lead down a road, where neither joy or growth is found. 

So what is joy?  It last for more than just a moment.  Joy is built from a point of patience, a place where peace is found, and a comfortable place where excitement builds in knowing you are alive and doing what gives one purpose.  Thus, giving and receiving in a way that is you.  You can wake up with a smile and not worry.  Not because life is perfect, it is due to understanding ones needs and desires.  Because at the end of the day, things will work out.  Regardless of whether things turned out how you wanted them to or not.  The next day, you will get up and try again until successful. 

Joy after being in a car accident means getting up each day, doing your very best, and realizing it is finished until tomorrow.  Appreciate yourself, who you are, and what one can do.  That brings joy.          

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