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You & Credibility After A Car Accident

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SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Why is credibility one of the first items under attack? Whether a public office candidate, office politics, or being in a car accident, hitting below the belt is common practice in society today.  What can you do about it? How should you react to cyber bullying, harassment, or intimidation? Realize confidence defends credibility and supports belief system.  When trusting in yourself bullies cannot shake you.

Others do not give credibility to you.  It is something that begins within each individual.  A value system nurtured and matured.  You decide what is of value.  This is why training children is so important.

One cannot decide what others choose to say or believe about you.  In fact, there will always be some percentage of haters, intimidators, or someone with a set of issues.

However, confidence brings peace of mind and under-standing not easily shaken.  Knowing who you are will hinder actions of others forcing agendas on your psyche, stopping a loss self-confidence and being swayed by other’s ways of thinking. 

In the Movie Trading Places, a line of “Just be yourself, they can’t take that from you”,  in my opinion, says a lot about Credibility.  When staying true to yourself, no matter the challenge or fierce opposition, prevail by choosing to stand on your beliefs.  Do not allow demeaning attempts of coercion to generate falsehoods, or word bullets to lower your self-esteem.  Understand the goal may be to belittle down into the lowest levels possible.  But in order to get to this all-time low, you will have to follow them down this path.  So the answer is simple, don’t.  Mistreatment may come in many forms, the objective may be the same, to force you to give in or give up. 

Make the decision early that you will preserve through whatever may come your way, that you will hold on to self-respect and integrity.  Do as you always have, your best, no more or no less.  Credibility is only shaken if falling prey to preconceived notions of who you are.  You alone hold the lever of Credibility by actions towards self, others, community, country, and our world.  Your actions are an extension of beliefs. The saying, “I have to live with myself and so, I have to be fit for myself to know” rings true. Thus, reflecting a lot about Credibility, in my opinion. 

Do not allow shame based tactics to determine actions.  Acknowledge who you are, have been, and will be in the future.  Do not be vilified by anyone or any company.  A line in the Lion King, describes what happens when falling to this type of bullying, “You have forgotten who you are”, which from my perspective, leaves many individuals lost, confused, and humiliated.  Therefore, continue to be the best person you can be by loving, being true, and being your best advocate.

In my opinion, today’s Credibility Rules and Definitions are currently set up to keep those in power in a position to squelch the dreams and hopes of less fortunate people who may be attentive to the injustices in our society.  Today’s Internet provides more avenues for everyday people to learn more and evaluate the Credibility of people first hand in their own words.  In this way, many outdated methods of pegging people will no longer be advantageous for a few people. 

In the last few years, we have seen the Media’s Reporting regarding individuals be ignored and people in their community or country take a totally difference stance.  Freedom of information is what the Internet brings.  People will base their decisions on you.  Really, it is there for most people to see.  Do not be overcome by harassment, intimidation, cyber bullying, or what other deviant actions come your way.  Your Credibility stands. Period.  Let no mind, money, or other games convince you otherwise.

Your Credibility is here before, during, and after a car accident.  Most people are decent and  hardworking with families who do their best at bringing up children as responsible adults.  Few find perfection along this path, albeit some corporations by buying it. 

You are the same person as before the accident.  In addition, your credibility is still intact.                  


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