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You & Spring After Car Accident

Enjoy Springtime while recovering from a collision.  Just being outdoors can make you feel better

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --The Spring Season is a time for planting seeds in your heart, mind, or body.  These seeds bear fruit in ways that help to support you, family, friends, or even strangers, although different than the type of seeds placed into the ground.  They improve the human condition, by how we teach, learn, and grow in our world.

Spring is a time to re-embrace life.  Seeds of integrity, values, and support germinate behaviors that create content of character. Clearing away cobwebs of car accident memories, misfortune, pain, suffering, sadness, and grief.  Wiping away or transforming those negatives conditions in your life, by making a choice to create a new season, a Spring Season.  A time of year to washing away tears, drying eyes and replacing them with a glimmer of hope.  A hope that says, “I can move forward” regardless of life issues.

Learn from tragedies of the past.  Apply them to transform life.  Use them to protect and inform.   For example, choose an Employer or Insurance company that has a track record of paying out Long-term Disability Claims, and do not seek to eliminate them after the first two years, or by not paying them at all.  Seek those who are known for treating people with respect and dignity when injured, making a conscious decision not send people who relied upon them, into poverty because of loopholes placed in policy or employee contracts.  They refuse to keep Disability Short-Term or Long-Term benefits for themselves, knowing families will go hungry, homeless, and lose self-respect or esteem, acknowledging this will be the consequences for their actions.  
This spring season, start by realizing accidents can happen to us all.  The process does not have to be full of financial insecurity and worry because benefits you paid premiums on is not available for use when needed.  From my perspective, those who make decision to pay out claims, should not be the same people who have a vested interest to keep money due to insured.  Unfortunately, currently, those people do have control in making this decision.  So, what do you have control of today? 
It is what transforms life from Winter to Spring, your attitude along with determination.  In my opinion, together they plant seeds of hope and encouragement, moving you from Winter Season to Spring.  You do control this life. Insurance Companies, Employers, or other individuals follow their own will. Realities are not being ignored, just a mind made up to move through the "fires" of life.
You can only send warnings of “Caution” to family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers, to stay away from those organizations that you know practice “bad faith” behaviors.  Meaning, placing obstacles to hinder injured individuals from receiving disability benefits, via, barriers, or actions, or use of vast resources to retain them, where the average person does not have enough financial means, knowledge, or physical energy to challenge them.
Spring Season is coming, take the reins of your future.  Bring forth joy and peace, by moving on with your life.  It is time to germinate new seeds of hope, courage, self-esteem, and belief in your abilities whether able or disabled.
Do not give up on life.  Choose to find your way.  Choose to bring integrity, respect, and dignity to yourself and this world.  Scott Proudy, stood up to share what he thought was important facts for all of us to know in our previous presidential election.  Each of us must do this today.  There are more than enough topics needing new light shed upon them.
Let your light shine this Spring Season.  Give hope to others who may unfortunately be in a struggle.  Struggles your experience or knowledge can help move them from their Winter into Spring.  Yes, we are in this together.  Whether able or disabled we are the same, wanting a quality of life that contains dignity, respect, and a hope for a decent future.
All it takes you, yes you, planting a simple seed.  The seed to make a difference this Spring.  Do not be held hostage to fear, harassment, intimidation, or unmet needs.  In time, seeds planted will bring forth fruit.  A fruit that feeds both your soul and those you have touched by making a choice to create a life that stays positive, in the midst of life’s storms.  Choosing to live in the moment this Spring Season, will make a difference in your everyday life, by allowing concentration and decision-making one step at a time. 
Plant your seeds today.  Bring a fresh new crop of ideas and dreams in life.  It is how we grow, learn, and give to our world.  This world needs you.  Really it does.  When the world is led by only a few, the balance of power is skewed, and unfortunately, those with the least resources can be forgotten.  Each of us brings fruit, in other words, value to the table.  Make sure you and your new fruit is represented.  Do not let these new seeds be inhibited by others negative thoughts, feelings, or actions.  Believe in the seeds you have planted.  Discouragement and even barriers may follow, but you make the choice to persevere.  Revitalize your life by allowing new opportunities to blossom.  Keep a vision of creativity in your heart.  Do it today.  Plant your seeds.  I am waiting to see your fruit. 

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