Monday, March 11, 2013

International Women's Day Is Meant For You

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Today, women are head of households for many families.  The strength and courage displayed by women daily, helps make our world a better place, giving beyond the call of their personal responsibility while doing this with less wages, less time, and few resources.  However, by bringing our resources together including our wisdom, knowledge, and support, life improvements will prevail even after a car accident. 

From my perspective, most human beings desire to be the Captain of their Life Ship.  A life defined by choosing their own destiny with opportunities for goal achievements.  Desiring an open, fair path,  which allows the same chances of dream obtainment as anyone else. 

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world.  Not only is it imperfect, there are many systems and behaviors that inhibit the dreams and goals of many individuals.  

Women have made a decision in spite of obstacles to work towards improving lives of females all around the world.  By supporting efforts that move from current life positions to where needs and desires are met, thus, allowing unmeasured opportunities and glass ceiling removals.

Appreciate progress of today, yet persevere through the struggles for tomorrow, because it will be here sooner than you think. Moreover, for the world to become a better place for the girls of tomorrow, women of today must take up the torch of equality, justice, and freedom for all.

Women in car accidents endure a struggle to carry an already heavy burden.  Working towards changing legislation that promotes holding Insurance Companies and Employers accountable to pay out on Disability Benefits will reduce the number of families living in poverty.  Especially when premiums are paid in case tragedy strikes.

Equality will bring hope for a better life for many girls and women.  Each of us, both female and male, must continue to work to make this a reality.

Ladies, of all ages...Happy International Women’s Day!  And, “Thank You” to the Men who help.

You & International Women’s Day
(A Poem)
 A women’s place in this world,
struggles to move forward towards equality.
Balancing her roles of nurturer, caretaker, provider, wife, or socialite,
seeking to bring out a women’s identity,
yet, caring more burdens and responsibilities than her counter-part,
without acknowledgement of her successes in her many roles.

Oh women realize who you are,
your skills and talents,
for you are the glue that holds this world together,
in the midst of storms,
in the celebrations of good times,
and in bringing forth the next generation.

Where would this world be without you?
Many try to take care of their personal and business affairs,
while being injured or sick,
pushing themselves far beyond the duties of motherhood or friend.
Women’s International Day is a way to say, “thank you”.
Keep up the fight for equality and freedom.


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