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You & Hopefulness After A Car Wreck

SEATTLE (ESTRA) -Day dreaming of things wanted for so long?  Perhaps, this is a loving relationship, a stable family life, a friend to share things with, a job, financial stability, travelling, starting a business, free from health concerns, or ending car accident claims?

Dreams typically start with a glimmer of hope that it is possible.  Hope grows mainly with an attitude of “I Can Do It” and a determination to succeed.  It takes fighting through tough times along with celebration of small victories along the way.  There is no one like you, really, there isn’t.  What you bring to our world counts, it matters, truly.  Your success will bring self-satisfaction, peace of mind, and hopefulness that will spread to others.  Today, many people are looking for self-improvement, especially regarding one’s own destiny.  Working through struggles, enduring hardships, and building confidence in your abilities, helps increase hope during the journey forward.  Furthermore, this may aid those who will come up behind you.  By sticking with it, a path showing the way for others may create a hopefulness to create a better life for them.

How can you hold onto hope when all seen is problems?  Realize time is required to pursue dreams, too.  Do not spend too much of it on troubles.  Don’t live inside of concerns.  Every life will contain some difficulties.  Makes sure it does not turn into the main focus in life.  Remember to enjoy the simple things day-to-day.  What images come to mind, keeping engagement in life?  Is it yours or some advertisers?  

And, what impact is it having on everyday life? How do you feel about yourself or others?  Are you lead by commercial images that in reality few people obtain?  Where do you want to go?  What is the best way for you to get there?  What mark do you want to leave as a legacy?  Use critical thinking to evaluate your thoughts, and how they got into your head.

How do you get it together? As we talk about last week, it is about planting new life seeds.  By putting down new roots of hope by acknowledging what you desire to achieve, or needs  seen before you, like being a part of changing ERISA so injured or sick people have options to challenge disability decisions in a way that holds Employers accountable for their actions.

I challenge the current generations to disregard preconceived notions about your ability to find ways of bringing new hopefulness in life by discovering ways to create new businesses, advocate for people in need, or learn new skills to make life better.  Instead of looking to others for ideas, value your own.  You have so much to give.  Let it out in your own way.  Do not be concern about the perceptions of others as long as creating positivity for you and those admiring your personal growth.  Not everyone will understand it, or agree with it.  It’s o.k. to agree to disagree.  Many people do think as you do, and will get it.  So keep moving forward. There is still time to fulfill your dreams.  Hopefulness opens up these opportunities. Most dreams are not realized by typical convention.  Unique ways of thinking develop new ideas.  It is ok to break away from conformity.

Ask, who am I? How do I process information? How can I communicate my message?  What motivates my hope? What make me feel good inside?  How can I make living hopeful right for me? Additionally, how can being good to myself extend to helping others?

Doing right by yourself, refreshes your spirit.  There is a power within which may promote hopefulness, understanding that mistakes are just a tool along with good decisions  Exceptionalism, in my opinion, is improving yourself one experience at a time. Rainy days will come, making life awkward, producing feelings of loss and discouragement.  Look to hopefulness in order to continue onward.  Be at ease with the many events in life, use them to make life better, be ready for anything.  Keep your hopes at  forefront of goals.  Life has no guarantees, but many adventures.  Your dreams and desires are genuine.  They do lead somewhere, but you must be willing to take the journey.  Yes, joy and pain go hand in hand in a lifetime expedition.  One cannot have the reward with the work.  The same is required for both the able and disabled, whether having a little or a lot, the same is required of you.

Live for what you love.  This is a major driving force.  This force drives hopefulness, providing purpose.  Allow tenacity to move you forward towards success, arriving at tomorrow's destiny.  Become your best advocate each day. This will bring more peace of mind, and better outcomes.  Yet, be cautious where you place hopes.  Guard it, protect it, and keep it in a safe place.  Do not turn back, learn from all encounters.  Look to the future.  A future of hopefulness.

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