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Easter Message For Car Accident Victims

SEATTLE (ESTRA) -If the number of people who attend church today spent each day supporting their families, friends, co-workers, or even strangers, perhaps our world would be more like Jesus envisioned it.  Yes, today’s world is much busier than in times past, and our relationships with each other has changed, yet, as human beings we share similar dreams and desires, have many of the same basic needs, and can develop magnificent creations when we pool our knowledge together.

Find someone in your community that has been in a car accident and reach out to them.  Many injured and sick people are going at it alone, struggling to get their daily needs met.  Unfortunately, we have a system where some of these individuals cannot get the medical care or prescriptions they need.  Sadly, they have nowhere to turn.  Now add the homeless, the hungry, the poor, along with a host of more problems, and we have a lot of suffering people.    
Do some of these people feel forsake by God?  I suspect so.  On the other hand, there are also people who have the available resources meeting their needs, yet, they too, are suffering.  Fortunately, there is also a pool of people who are caring, concerned, and have resources to help their fellow person.

Whom do these people need?  You!  Yes, you.  And you need them too.  They also have something to give, you know.  Everyone brings something to the table.  When we engage each other, we learn, we grow, and we share. 

Do not be afraid of each other.  Fear keeps many people from fulfilling their dreams.  Media fear programming can actually stunt your growth.  Yes, it important to evaluate the company you keep.  Realize not every poor person is “bad”, and not every wealthy person is “good”.  Judging the “people book” by its cover can lead to relationships to know where.  Evaluate each person on his or her merit. 
If you see Jesus like attributes, such as respect, dignity, care and concern, it will show.  If the people you are building friendships with display “horns” figuratively, it may not be the company you want to keep. 

Love is the key.  It is the key of moving through tough times, of staying positive, and being supportive of yourself and others.

The Sacrifice of giving your life for others, or sharing it, is the greatest gifts one can contribute.  In fact, many of our Service Women and Men do this every single day.  Jesus did it in order change the path of history.  Giving you a fighting chance, in a world that can be filled with disappointments day after day for many.  Being equipped for what you may face, allows people to get the most out of each day.  An opportunity for peace when dealing with a car accident, personal injury, harassment, or intimidation.  This is not because of those actions or events, but because of having the tools to rise above those circumstances. 

How can you get there?  How do you know that it is real?  In my opinion, it’s very simple.  Just ask.  Ask Jesus to show you the way of gaining understanding.  Decide you want to know him.  You want a “real” personal relationship with Him.  And, He will show you the way if you let him. 

Now if this is a request to win the Lotto, well, good luck with that one. However, if you are interested in Love From A Pure Heart, a relationship that can provide a greater understanding, yet, may not remove your troubles, but help you get through them, and become the best friend you’ve ever had, then ask. 

It is not magic, don’t get caught up in our instant world, go on living your daily life, and talk with him daily.  Share your joy, pain, hopes, and dreams by opening your heart to HIM.  Simple start reading the Bible, the New Century Version is easy to understand for beginners.  Start wherever you want, and watch your life gradually change.  Try to read one chapter a day which may take about five minutes or so, it doesn’t have to be a lot.  Sometimes it will take a week or two before you begin to gain some understanding.  That’s ok.  This is normal.  Let go of preconceived notions of how you are supposed to act or be, and trust Jesus to guide your path.  This can create real growth.  Faith develops over time.  

Being lead by God’s Holy Spirit aids in discernment on what you hear from others.  Take this first step.  Then, when and if you are lead to a Church, go.  Continue to place your hope in Christ, not in people.  Remember we are all human, and have our own issues.  You will not find perfection here.  With a little patience, you may find more than you could have imagined.

The Resurrection of Christ, was done for this purpose.  For you, yes you.  There is nothing you could have done, or do, that HE will turn away from you.  Do not be consumed by guilt, or allow those who shoot their wounded to turn you away from Christ.  You are perfectly made and works in progress so cut yourself some slack and do the best you can.  Thank Christ that all your mistakes can be placed in a sea of forgetfulness and you can continue to be shaped into His imagine, one-step at a time.

Jesus is Love. Love From A Pure Heart.  Enjoy a love that can fill hearts with more peace and joy than is imaginable.  Your life does have purpose. 

Happy Easter In Christ Jesus.

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