Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Ideas For Participation When Injured Or Sick

Expect Harassment To Increase During Holidays
The holiday season is approaching, fast. Year-end activities may be already planned. You may have been looking forward to this season since the last year.   Or at the least, at time of opportunity to relax with hopefully, a day off or two.  But, there is a kink in your "party chain".  This kink is a car accident.   A collison that's brought pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil.  It's taken your holiday cheer, and turn it into holiday sadness.  Weariness looms for participating in a normally fun and exciting time in your life. 

A Relaxing Vacation Can Help In Recovery
The energy levels are low, and dread has replaced dreams.  So how do you bring back the thrill in your holiday season? Realize you may not be able to participate at previous levels, but don't give up on all  activities of the season.  Adjusting expectations, and explaining your situation to family, friend, or co-workers, can allow the freedom to rest, but also allow you to be a participant in the some of the holiday cheer!

First, set amount of time you are able to function at a comfortable level, and enjoy the company of others without becoming to "grumpy" due to pain. Sometimes over staying until one becomes miserable can change our personalities to one of grumpiness, instead of fun.  So don't be concerned about being polite to your deteriment.
Contrary to belief, "No" is not a bad word.  It's a word of protection and care. Change perception of this word to take full advantage of it's value.  Remember, there will normally be other times to visit and chat when you are feeling better.  Giving your best during this holiday season is what counts.  You are valued during the holidays, but also every day. Our next episode, "You & Holidays" on  "Talking About You with ESTRA" will share more ideas.  Stay tune this Saturday at 11 a.m. PST on Blog Talk Radio or listen to archived programs on radio right here!

Let's bring joy to this season by getting all we can give and receive regardles of our physical or emotional condition.  Here are a few more links to start your transformation.  Remember, I am here for you. Come Talk. Come Listen. @ESTRAsRadioShow.

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