Friday, November 2, 2012

To Change A Broken System - Disability Counter Surveillance

Something Is Wrong With A System That Allows Continual Harassment
Seattle (ESTRA) - The Insurance Industry has long been taking advantage of the injured and sick.  Many times, they only pay out a little over three years on Long-Term Disability Claims, leaving many family financially destitute, enduring pain and suffering, and without much hope.

For approximately the last year and half, I have been presenting some of the harassment and intimidation examples, many people have experienced at the hands of these organizations.  And, I’m sure many of you reading this article, have experienced or know someone who’s benefits have been significantly reduced or been eliminated by these companies.

As you can see from my Blog, Twitter, and Radio Show, I believe there needs to be change.  Your involvement moves this process further, showing a stronger following to make change happen.  Harassment and Intimidation both online, in public, and at ones domicile is very common.  Documenting their behavior against Disabled is very important. My book, Car Accident:  Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support share this experience.  In fact, I am currently writing the next book, Disability Counter Surveillance:  Target YOU!  This happens to millions of people.  Join me in deciding they have had the upper hand long enough.  Stand up and tell your story with me.  By reading the book and recognizing unfair practices Disabled face daily, first hand accounts provide greater understanding, and more reasons to take a stand. RT Tweets to your family and friends for greater awareness.  

Nominate an Attorney’s Office who has worked tirelessly against the abuse of Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers who deny claims to injured or sick people.  Whose relationship demonstrates their position as being on the side of the Disabled.  We need help.  People are injured in car accident every single day.  This last week, Senator Harry Reid and staff were involved in a multiple car accidents, P. Diddy, Lilian Garcia, and many others that we do not know.  We all deserve to receive the benefits we expect, not huge profits for Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers. 

Take a stand with me today.  I am in for the long run and I hope you will join me.

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