Friday, November 16, 2012

Chronic Or Intermitten Pain - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassment Can Show Up In Different Shapes And Sizes
Seattle (ESTRA) - There is nothing, that can bring out the irritability in you like chronic or intermittent pain, in conjunction with harassment and intimidation.  It's enough to call everything in the world like it is. Before going too ballistic, move over to the other side. The side of determination to keep looking for ways to improve. The side that keeps  negative in check, and chooses to take high road against pain and intimidation.

We have one of the best Medical Industry's in the world.  We just need to find ways to bring down cost so it's inclusive for people needing care.  Especially, disabled individuals who are on the edges of society from lack of income, thus, causing many to fall into poverty. Add Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers holding benefits from their Insureds, while Congress approves legislation that provides unfair advantages to these corporations. So pain is not the only thing most injured people must work through.  Getting medical care and also  financial benefits due, provides transition from chaos due to stability, and greater concentration on how to cope with pain, therefore  improving the quality of your life.

You may hear many suggestions or diagnosis.  Some better your life, and some were just a good try.  Remember, all these things are methods to move you  forward into better health and a overall better life.  More than likely, it will take you and many more individuals to make things happen.  First, stand up for medical and disability benefits.  Many corporations fight tooth and nail before releasing them to those in need.  I wonder if they would act the same if it was them, or perhaps one of their love ones.  Never-the-less, seek out ways by researching new and old information through the Internet or Trade Magazines. Some will apply to you, while others will not.  

One of the most important things to do, in my opinion is keep your spirits up.  I admit, this is not always an easy thing, but it's crucial in keeping motivated to find the personal answers that are out waiting to be found.  Living daily in pain is no fun, in fact, it down right discouraging at times.  But there are many people in the medical professions who are still looking, and you too,  must continue this journey, with hope and courage, in spite of obstacles.

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