Friday, July 13, 2012

Holding On To Something - Disability Counter Surveillance

Holding On To Enjoyment Created By A Beautiful Park View, While Harassers Pass At Park Entrance.
There are times when we take comfort in something to hold.  Something which allows us to remember good reasons why we are here, reflect on enjoyable things to do in life, and recall happiness created by those efforts in our world.

People are bombarded daily with current events, walking to the mailbox and finding only bills, which is followed up by regular crises.  All these distractions can make one forget what is really important: LIVING.  Yes, just plain ole' simple living.  Taking things as they come, with no expectations of giving or receiving anything, just being.  Smelling the fresh air, enjoying the scenery of nature, watching a child laugh or learn something new.  Just spending time in the moment.

Can this experience be difficult when harassment and intimidation surrounds you?  Feel the pressure to react  to every phone call? There can be many demands placed on your time. Is it difficult staying centered?  Many activities create an environment where it's so easy to become off balanced.  Or, maybe this is a period when not feeling well.  Whatever it is, STOP. Breathe. Take a much needed break and see a part of the world that's been missing. A part which provides the simplest forms of happiness and joy.  Can you recall good things to hold on to?

It is something that does not need consumption, energy, or money. PEACE is brought by just being. Visualize it in your mind.  Doesn't it feel good?  No balancing act. This moment can be experienced over and over again, by taking a little time to FOCUS. Hold it. See if you experience a decrease in stress, suffering, or pain. Focusing on good things may be used to reduce or release bad experiences. They are so stubborn that  typically, until we pick them up and replace them with something better, they remain in place. 

Hold on to your focus, now. Bring back a true treasure. You can do it.  As the saying goes, "nothing beats a failure, but a try!"
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