Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gaining Strength - Disability Counter Surveillance

Use Congestion To Document Harassers
Every single day, there is a choice to make.  This choice is how to start and finish your day.  At the start,  decide whether to use information from past events, or create a clean slate for experiences in that very moment. Which is chosen depends on past memories and whether past emotions brought enjoyment or pain that now impact feelings of well being.  If past expressions brought more enjoyment, we look forward to the future with excitement and adventure, being willing to accept what the new day brings without too much concern.  In fact, we tend to be optimistic of the outcome.  However, if it's been painful and recalls too many problems, we may embrace the day differently, with apprehension, or worry.  Especially if  harassed and intimidated for months on end.  

A both ends of this spectrum of life experiences, strength is gained.  One perspective of strength gained negatively is viewed as unwelcome. However, the emotional drawbacks already experienced are no longer necessary to carry forward, therefore, if possible retain information only.  Keep the lessons learned, but  relinquish the suffering.  This leaves more room for new encounters which may bring emotional baggage.  Now, there is more room to process current experiences and create helpful wisdom for future use, without becoming overburden.  

When Harassment Is 24/7 Still Reject Intimidation
By gaining strength to process information, storing new experiences, and generating lessons learned in a positive way, daily choices are easily pushed  forward in a productive manner that invigorates your mornings, even with less than perfect health conditions. Thus, bringing out the most in your day.

For example, here is a list of possible experiences encountered from harassment and intimidation mind tricks in conjunction with "chicken" car games that generate physical reactions:
  1. Attempts to re-create past events to trigger post-traumatic episodes; 
  2. Attempts to cause physical trauma by flashing headlines in your eyes in hopes of causing migraine headaches; 
  3. Surrounding you like an ocean full of piranhas nipping at any reachable body part; 
  4. Driving up and down your street at all times of the day and night;
  5. Coming to front door pretending to sell items or volunteering for a charitable organization;
  6. Have neighbors ask you for information to help their cause;.  
  7. Sit or stand in front of you for 5 - 20 minutes at a time;
  8. Add more to this list.
Instead of being broken down, badgered, and bombarded from bullies, recognize it as mean-spirited behavior that is not under your control. What is under your control is a choice not to surrender to such atrocities.  Can you continue to gain quality life experiences surrounded by these negative events taking place daily?  How is this possible?  When observing their behavior, do not accept it as your own.  Do not be a participant and choose not to share your emotions with them.  Of course, be pro-active in protecting yourself by learning to use your knowledge, view them as perpetrators, but do not become their victim. You need not react to their invites. Put a sign of  "guest only" up in your mind.  They have no reservations to join your table.  

At time goes on, the strength gained helps provide the option of waking up in the morning with optimism. Harassment and intimidation on a daily basis for an extended period of time (i.e. months or years), is traumatic.  Do not be caught in past memories echoed by people who lack the class and temperament to be respectful of you, or themselves. Nevertheless, by gaining strength, you will have moved on in search of a future with adventure and not apprehension.


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