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Getting Through Tough Times -Disability Counter Surveillance

Getting Through Tough Times When Dealing With Harassment

How Many Harassers Can Follow You?  More Than Imaginable
Getting though tough times starts with acknowledging things are not going as preferred.  Sometimes there are more bad times than good.  In ones mind, situations can perhaps be blown off, but an honest look into the heart may not be as easy.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are waiting for better seasons.  In fact, you may be learning a great deal more now than in a restful state.  None of this, however, helps through rough experiences.  Especially, when harassment and intimidation is there front and center in hopes of you cracking right before their eyes.  

So how do get through tough times?  FOCUS.  Yes, this is one of my favorite words for a reason.  If distracted by harassers, or concentrating on a matter that will not bring anything positive to the situation, it's easy to be lead in the wrong direction.  Being moved by the vision you see, creates a path towards desires.  This takes focus.  Focus allows one to see where you are going, what it takes to get there, observe the obstacles in your way, but does not allow them to hinder.  It brings forth the important things and helps to lay out a plan for finding your way.  

Paying attention to harassment and intimidation only provides them with a means of getting your attention and devaluing your person-hood.  Then, harassers can proceed with an agenda that cancels out your good works, and provides the commentaries their employers have wanted from the start.  This indeed, is   harassment and intimidation at it's best. So do not listen or follow their lead.

Many times, it's one small focus step.  Once progress can be seen, it's easier to keep taking those small steps.  An occasional setback should be expected, therefore, plan on getting back up and moving forward again, albeit, occasionally difficult.  So keep the faith and FOCUS.

If you encounter a large setback, continue to focus on where you want to be, not disappointing experience.  Be patient, show yourself love and respect.  Adjust time table to include recovery, then move on when ready:  
Life Setbacks: 

Overcoming Setbacks:

O.K., ready to focus?
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