Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Sets Of Rules? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassers surround the disabled constantly in all directions.
Should privilege allow insurance companies and self-insured employers the luxury of eliminating the insureds civil rights? Did individuals give them permission?  I know the U.S. Constitution didn't permit it.  Why would the U.S. Congress provide such an option to them?  An insured is not able to file a lawsuit under ERISA.  However, under individual policies where insurance companies are held accountable, an insured can file a lawsuit for unfair treatment.  Are there two sets of rules? Yes, there are.

First, I would not attempt to speak for the U.S. Congress.  But in my opinion, their low ratings today could be an indication of them being out of touch with the needs of every day people. And perhaps to much money flowing from organizations more interested in self-serving rules than those serving the country as a whole.   From my point of view, the suffering cause by ERISA legislation today generates, harassment, intimidation, loss of income, loss of medical coverage, the list goes on and on.  Each person and their families who are in despair over this legislation should send a letter to Congress.

Our society follow two standards, ones for the "haves" another for the "have nots".  Currently, people who are not under private companies ERISA legislation, can file a lawsuit if bad faith claims arise. In my opinion, these rules harm our societies most vulnerable to keep the wealth grouped within a few plutocrats.  Unfortunately, this gives power to a few and makes most individuals slaves, regardless of the color or creed, to a system run by less than 1% of population.  The middle class is the latest example of this.

The breaking down of the hopes and dreams have made many ineffective.  Harassment and intimidation has been a part of everyday living for way too many people.  And it's been accepted far too easily.  Many generations ago, the importance of controlling ones life and destiny was more important than wealth. And, it added value to their lives.  Most people could not be made gullible into giving up their souls for money.  Have we really fallen in love with ourselves too much?  Has the psychology of advertisement and television created illusions in our hearts and mind?

The worlds of the "haves" and "have nots" will keep getting bigger, unless everyone does a reality check of what's real and important, and what's not.

The power, greed, and wealth a few are using to dominate our society will continue until there is an awakening to the true value of life.  Your life.  And will no longer be accepted. All it takes is you standing up and saying, two sets of rules are wrong.  Stand up for what is right.  Fairness, respect, dignity, and an equal playing field. 

Don't be run by fear and intimidation.  Stand for something. Make a difference. Only one set of rules for everyone to play by.

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