Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hotel Safety And Harassment - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harsser Parked In Front Of My Hotel Window
How desperate are harassers?  They will do anything to trap and bully you.  Being disabled and staying in a hotel is typically no easy feat. There is usually much to navigate to reach that comfortable room.  And, if walking a foot feels like a mile, it will be a welcome event to be able to sit once arriving to your room.  So how does harassment and intimidation fit into this equation?  Instead of being restful retreat, one is placed on high alert.

I was barely inside the room when there was an assailant attempted to enter. Fortunately,  the extra lock was on the door, otherwise the unwelcome intruder's visit would have been at a restroom moment.  When I tried to contact the hotel through room phone, it had been disconnected.  Using my own cell phone, I called the desk. For several rings, there was no answer.  Had harassers worked with some hotel staff?  I don't know.  I requested another room quickly where perhaps harassers had not been able to prepare in advance.  This will be the last pre-paid room for me. Too much time provides for additional harassment.

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I don't know what they had planned that day. God's favor was with me.  But one must always take precautions. Lock your doors immediately, always have camera rolling, and cell phone charged. Bullying is real for the disabled dealing with insurance companies and self-insured employers when opening a claim. 

So be safe and alert.  The private investigators or police hired by insurance companies or self-insured employers are determined to meet the needs of those who hire them.

Documentary is on the horizon.  It's important for people to see the behavior millions of the disabled are living with in secret.  No more secrets.

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