Saturday, May 26, 2012

Insurance Civil Rights Legislation For All

Insurance/Self-Insured Employer Harassment Violates Civil Rights of Injured.
Seattle (ESTRA) - Does becoming disabled allow insurance/self-insured employers to infringe on your Civil Rights?  Every person should have the right to correct a wrong when bad faith practices are involved, whether under ERISA or an individual insurance policy.  No individual should have to be concerned about being harassment and intimidated without the options to stop this behavior because it's approved through legislation by Congress.  This goes against what we believe in as citizens, and our right to stand up against abusive treatments.   

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So why has Congress done this to the disabled?  Does the insurance industry have too much power and money that sways legislative or public opinions?  I'm sure it's not the opinions shared by millions of insureds who face daily abuse.  Were the injured asked what they think about being harassed and intimtidated?  Because of filing a disability claim with a self-insured employer or insurance company who decided their claim requires more money than they want to pay out?   Forcing insureds to go quietly into submission,  with only Social Security Disability benefits, thus  releasing private insurance companies and self-insured employers from their obligation.  Many insureds do not stand up in order to stop mental and physical abuse.  I wonder why the abuse is tied to money?  If they don't give you money, supposedly, they are not legally able to harass you.  So in other words, they pay to have the priviledge to abuse you?  So if you're hurt, this treatment is  deserved?  Hmm, so if you can't work and they have to pay you, insurers need to get something out of the deal? That's ludicrous.  This is the reason for paying them those premiums, in case you got hurt.
Abuse Is Wrong Regardless Of Who The Harasser Are

From my point of view, if this is what Congress believes, it's time to be sent home. We need people who will protect  ordinary citizens.  Representatives who understand our government is for the people and protects ctizens, creating a better place for all of us.  When greed infects our world like an out of control virus, an evil in our world prevails, and the care and concern for others evaborates like water into steam.  Fairness, honesty and integrity in our world makes it a better place for everyone.  Power in the hands of a few is always dangerous, when looking back in history.  We need to care about each other and allow individuals to live their lives, their way.  Power should not dictate that harassment is ok for some, or consititional rules apply only when it benefits a few, or add new legislation that hurts many. Respect others who live their life different than you, allowing no harm or abuse.  The disabled  should not be treated any different than abled individuals.  Because we are all people, with many of the same desires and goals.  When inssurance companies accept payment of insurance coverage, they should be willing to pay out the claim, not find ways to get out of it.  It was an agreement.  Not a "greed" ment for them.

The disabled must remain strong.  It's time to stand up and demand these insurance or self-insured employers  pay their fair share, and not  bully the injured or sick into submission.  Do you believe in Civil Rights For All?  If we are separated and conquered individually, our rights will evaporate one by one.  We must all stand together and say that any civil rights violations are wrong.  Are you ready to stand?

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