Friday, May 11, 2012

Memorize Their License Plates - Disability Counter Surveillance

Memorize License Plates of Harassers
Are people following you? What's one of the first things to do? Write down their license plates.  This will provide proof this is really happening, and you're not at the movies. 

After continual harassment and intimidation, there is recognition of their cars from a distance.  When the reality sinks in to what is happening, begin to educate yourself on how others have managed this situation.  Don't panic.  You are not alone.  You have done nothing wrong.  In my opinion, this has always been about insurance company and self-insured employer bottom lines.  Fear and intimidation tactics have been used against people since the beginning to time.

Pace yourself.  Allow extra time for getting to places.  First and foremost, begin using the camera on your cell phone, or purchase a camera that has both picture and video options.  Use it whenever you go outside your home, in fact, there are times it could be used inside, sometimes their harassment is relentless. 

Confirmation of experiences will easily be recognized here by reading past Blogger Articles.  My Twitter Account @EstrasBlogTips, provides daily support and informational links.  Instead of time consuming searches around the Internet, here you can find much of the information and links throughout tweets.  So scroll, learn, and be comforted.

It's important to understand the manipulation that occurs when Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability Claims are opened.  A person who is being terrorized does not  normally make good decisions. These unfavorable choices for you will be favorable for employer of harassers.  But there is a long list of survivors, so prepare to join those who refuse to accept the norm.  Abuse of the disabled should not be tolerated by any venue. Whether it's ERISA, or disrespect and dishonest consideration from insurance companies and self-insured employers, each person impacted by these behaviors, should stand up, enough is enough.

In summary, learn their license plates.  And when harassers get out of their cars, get to know their faces. Once you recognized their faces, move to shape, sizes, colors, tattoos, piercings, and other things about their features that stands out. Remember, you have rights and don't have to be victimized because of becoming injured or sick. This isn't the movies.  It's real and impacting your life in the worst ways.  You are important.  So is living your life.

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