Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Things Done In Spite Of Insurance Surveillance

Harassment begins from home by walker with dog.
Seattle (ESTRA) - Stepping out your front door, it's a beautiful sunny day.  The warmness of the sun revitalizes your mindset.  Then you see them.  Harassers already passing, walking, or circling in the streets.

Pissed about constant harassment?  The injustice of it all?  Actions speak louder than anger.  Anger must be transformed into a productive actions for positive change.  A  means to an end.  A creation that transforms your life, and others who are impacted by the same abuse.  Yes abuse is wrong, even under the mask of insurance/self-insured employer injustices, since the percentage of loss for them is very small in comparison to their profits.

Anger is a tool of manipulation to force insured's hands in efforts to make you look bad for their good.  Many get off track when they apply pressure since their objective to smash you into submission has not worked.  Know they can't have anything you won't give them no matter how hard they try.  Your are not a frog in boiling water, but a human being, with common sense and intuition, use it as protection.  Keep emotions in check, they belong to you and are not a play toy for others.  Don't let them use emotions for their pleasure.  They were given to add to your life, not to take away.

So when anger rises, its an indication to evaluate the situation from your perspective and not theirs.  Next make a plan of action to improve reaction to their responses of harassment and intimidation.  If it works, share with others so everyone improves together.  Because you are not in it alone. Millions have experience the same things.

Your heart and mind were built with strength and power.  Seek to give them what they need to grow.  In this way, the protection you seek is found, and time to get things done.

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