Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knowing State And Federal Laws - Disability Counter Surveillance

It Would Be Nice To Have Federal Laws That Provides Protection From Public Harassment 

Seattle (ESTRA) - In order to protect yourself, gain a basic understanding of your rights. Without this knowledge you're like a sitting duck surrounded by hunters. With their precision, their shots will be on target, and you will quickly become a lame duck.  You may become less effective in protecting yourself. 

Life today is difficult enough without being a target. By understanding current laws and current procedures, there is a less chance of being served up as "roasted duck". Stay informed. Things do change over time, and typically not in your best of interest. Any one that's been out of circulation for a while sometimes demonstrates this point with their funky out of date attire. Stay current.

Although initially it may seem overwhelming, take time to understand Employment Benefits, Insurance (Automotive, Health, Disability, Social Security, Workers Compensation), and Health care Policies.  If its been a long time since you've reviewed your employment benefits in detail, you may want to get out your highlighter and pull out the most important points. If you don't have a current copy, request one from your Human Resources Department.  Calculate what you're earnings would be if tragedy strikes, and write down a plan of action in case any of those scenarios happened.   Set aside an amount each month out of your paycheck to help make up the difference if an event takes place.  Actual earnings for most of us have declined for the last decade, and it may seem harder to do, yet when facing an extreme difficult time, you may look back on it as a life saver.

As far as insurance companies go, you will be walking through land mines at all times.  This system is set up to make it hard for you to get your needs met.  It's goal is to pay the least amount possible, and increase discouragement until you give up on getting your needs met.  So become very familiar with each policy regardless of what industry.  The reason for insurance of any kind, is protection in a time of an unexpected event.  Continue to hold them accountable to their part of the agreement. 

Unfortunately, when you're not well, it's difficult to keep track of payments, appointments, your conditions, etc.  Try to set up a spreadsheet for all these activities to make it easier to track from the beginning.  It will be less work and provide the ammunition needed when needing to responding to questions.  By knowing your rights and responsibilities, it reduces the possibility of making a mistake that will allow them to cut off your benefits.This provides more control over the path your life takes in dealing with this situation.  The greater your understanding and knowledge, the more questions you will be able to ask, and the fewer things you will agree with due to a lack of information on governing laws.  So stay determined and make the decision to never give up.

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