Saturday, April 7, 2012

Abusing Disabled Makes Them Afraid - Disability Counter Surveillance

Constant harassment and intimidation is abuse of the disabled.

Seattle (ESTRA) - Harassment and intimation is abuse of the disabled.  The constant bullying makes many disabled afraid to speak out.  They are trapped in a cycle of abuse with no where to turn.  Because many fear if they speak out, the little they have will be snatched from their fragile hands.  But is this true?  And are many disabled stronger than they realize?  Are there ways for disabled to speak out safely without retribution by insurance companies or self-insured employers?

When it's the bullies that provide your income, that's a very difficult decision for some to make.  Can you bite the hand that feeds you?  I would say yes you can.  When harassers possess a psychological hold on your mind, its important to make a mental shift in order to see more options.  When held in fear, overcome it in order to regain your life back, and see other opportunities that create freedom. 

First, don't be afraid to speak out to others regarding your plight.  If asked about your situation, tell the truth.  Second, realize that others think you are important.  Abuse such as this should be illegal. Vote in 2012 for candidates that believe in ERISA reform and for stopping the abuse against the disabled.  Third, support a public single payer system to take the greed out of the health care system completely.  Lastly, continue to document harassment and intimidation because it educates others to the current situation of the injured.

In summary, taking action empowers one to take the steps necessary to defeat the abuse in your life and find ways to overcome it.  One day at a time, one action at a time.  This is well said in the lyrics of a song by Enimen, "I'm not a afraid, to take a stand".  Do not be afraid of them, determine your path to freedom, then take action.  Abuse is no way to live.

This should be an issue everyone wants address.  You never know when a disability will strike.  And being subjected to the harassment and intimidation brings forth nothing except physical and emotional harm to those that experience it.  And revenue to those who enforce it.  It's time for a change.

Are you being abused by insurance carriers or self-insured employers?  I'd like to know.

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