Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brighten Up Your Day - Disability Counter Surveillance

Relaxing View of Puget Sound

Seattle (ESTRA) - Gloom, doom, and fear seems to be pervasive in everyday living. Many serious issues  requires  additional time to lighten up.  Move away from feeling like the world is sitting on your shoulders.  Hassles and harassers can complicate your day by interfering with daily activities.

It's good to remember there are still  beautiful things to enjoy.  We need those moments to brighten up our days.    Sometimes it good to think on the good things in life.  There are moments when one should just dream of splendor and warmth.  Where sunshine may exist only in ones mind.  Things tend to start there, then creation of wonderful ideas result, then moves outward into the physical realm.

So brighten up your day.  Energizing moments can be soothing to the soul, renewing of the spirit, and refocus your attention on the positive things that are waiting for discovery. 

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