Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance Mind Change

Seattle (ESTRA) - Disability counter surveillance is a transformation of the mind.   From confusion and fear, to evaluation of information, preparation,  and application. Your innocent way of thinking must gradually be changed to awareness of self, environment, and social behaviors.

With Harassers All Around, Still Focus On You.
First, take a good hard look at yourself. Your likes and dislikes, your strength and weaknesses, and your idiosyncrasies.  Don't be afraid to face anything about you. All of us have things we are proud of and things we would prefer not to be made public. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Acceptance and acknowledgment can bring change if you desire it. This will help render ineffective the use of shamed based mind game to force you into rat mazes for other's agenda.  So continue your process of growth and development until you have evolved into those desirable attributes.

Another helpful tip is to stay on track with your own schedule.   Distractions by surveillance only provides them with the fuel and ammunition to harm you psychologically. Remember, they do not have your welfare or interest at heart. Write down your daily goals. Check them off once accomplished.  And, feel good about what you've done that day, even if it's just getting out of bed.  Know that it's your best, and take comfort in the success your plans.

Find ways to set the tone of your moods at least three times a day.   Listening to music at selected times in the morning, noon, and at night, helps frame a positive mindset.  Any activity big or small, yet manageable, demonstrates the day was also made specifically for you.  In this way, if something happens in your day that changes your mood in a negative way, systems are in place to help recover from those experiences and resets the day's tone.  Maintaining peace and sanity can go a long way in making for a pleasant day.

Most disabilities or sickness come with some level of pain. Constant suffering can be difficult to endure day by day. By focusing on getting better, know that you're in a point in time, not necessarily where you will be in the future.  Dare to dream for days with less pain. The health industry today is finding new possibilities all the time.

Even surveillance cannot harass and intimidate you forever.  So freedom is on the way. Don't give up on yourself.  A life improvement can start with a small change in your mindset.

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