Saturday, September 3, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Disability And Making A New Life

Harassment On Top Of Disability Losses Is Unjust.

ESTRA (Seattle) - In life, tragic circumstances can cause you to start all over again. Losses physically, emotionally, financially, or a family crisis can send your life in a pattern like hurricane Katrina.  You can be left in such a mess, you have no idea where to turn, or how to put your life back together again.  But, just as with Katrina, you must find ways to mend.   Start to rebuild from where you are now, not from where you wish to be. 

The advice given for your specific situation may not be in line with your school of thought.  When we are not in tune with our own emotions and desires, we become confused with our direction.  Starting over may begin with forgiving yourself for thinking you should have been able to redirect your path, or perhaps you should have been able to stop some of those events that happened in the past.   Or, maybe had you been a better person, better opportunities would have come your way.

Regardless of what's happen up to this point, have a private ceremony and release it all.  Choose to free yourself.  Then, let no one bring it back into your life.  They bring it up, you let it go.  Your mind no longer has room for it.  

Everyday will be different, some good, some bad, some in between.  Dream a new dream, work each day to make your life better, and let no one place unrealistic ideas that hinder your new growth in your mind.  Help others as much as possible without hurting yourself, and don't feel guilty about it.  Build new relationships that improve your life and theirs.  Seek to be and feel whole again not by obtaining perfection, but by an acceptance and fully embracing what life has to give, good and bad. 

More importantly, allow your body to heal through patience, your emotions repair themselves through awareness, and the revitalization of your spirit through empowerment.  You can do this. Believe and trust you can create a new and better life by being tenacious.  Find new ways to live and be. 

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