Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance Interactions With Private Investigators

Harassment Comes In All Shapes, Sizes, & Different Cars

Disability counter surveillance interactions with private investigator's employees can sometimes be an adventure depending on the temperaments involved. And, whether they are baiting you. The most important thing to remember is what their objective is, " to earn their money by catching you in a compromising position".  However, you are injured or sick, and that's the only thing they are going to see.  Don't be ashamed of your condition, or what you can or cannot do.  Just be yourself.  When they come in contact with you, and they do, first check your own temperament.  Are you hurting a lot that day?  Try to have extra patience and don't allow them to set you off.

Are you tired of seeing their faces at every turn?  Pray that they become hurt and they are harassed and intimated by a group of their peers.  Pay attention to your issues at hand, whether in the park relaxing, working on your health, or visiting with friends.  Make them to be the small entities they are.  They are not larger than life, unless you make them so.  They are intruding in on your life.  An unwelcomed intrusion I might add. So don't grant them the power they desire to have over you. 

Are you out of the house trying to have a good time?  Anyone in pain knows how difficult this objective will be, or the physical price the next day you will have to pay.  If they continue to get into your comfort zone, let them know about it.  Then continue on with your plans, not theirs of ruining your day.  Remember, you are the most important person in this disability equation.  Move forward and let nothing or no one hold you back.  When they get out of line, tell them.  You have the right to do so, and don't believe otherwise.

Yes, they can try to make life harder for you hoping you will crack.  Allow extra time when you are going out in case they do things to hinder your success.  Make sure to document it, because I can almost guarantee they will lie about it.  Yes they will harass you in your doctors office, yes they will follow you to the bathroom,  and yes, sit in the bathroom stall right next to you when all the rest are vacant.  In fact, if there was a way to slip into your butt crack, I'm sure they would go there too.

Regardless, make a conscious decision how you will deal with them on any day.  Don't allow it to be on their terms.  And when they attempt to victimize you, call them out on it in front of everyone.  It's wrong, don't stand for it.  Love yourself, be empowered, and stay strong.  You are not alone in this struggle. 

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